Monday, July 31, 2006

Was it THAT bad?

Perhaps I was embittered when I wrote that last post (I didn't reread it) but with everyone's comments I felt like I must have given the impression that labor, delivery, recovery & post partum was the most miserable experience of my life!

Allow me to clarify. I was not pleased with the hospital personnel in postpartum and in the nursery and it was very hard to be away from John Michael for so long... but other than that I can say that it was a good experience! I'm so grateful that our little guy is healthy & strong and thriving at home. All is well and we recognize that it could have easily turned out differently. Thanks so much to everyone who prayed for us. The Lord was gracious!

Blogger is not allowing me to upload pictures (all day!) and I know how terribly boring posts without pictures are so I'll cut it off here and hope to update you more soon!

Well, it let me do ONE. Enjoy:


Trill said...

That's really funny- I guess I did miss understand. Well- I'm glad it went well! Have you received the package? Have fun with Auntie Les!!!

Kristie said...

No, you didn't sound bitter. It is rough when they take them. Our first 3 they took because they were having trouble keeping their body temp. up. Every time I would cry. So with Gabe #4, I wrapped him up in my blanket next to me in bed to keep him warm. I was so determined to keep him in the room with me. He slept on my tummy the whole night. Kinda silly, I guess!

Anonymous said...

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