Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nicholas is four months old!

Happy 4 month birthday to my happy boy!

He's a typical laid back four month old. He smiles, he coos, he likes to be held. He eats and sleeps well and just about anyone can make him smile. I love him dearly and can't stand to be separated from him!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

According to weather.com its a biting -12 outside with a feels like temperature of -31. I don't think I've ever been so cold! Nipsco must be in heaven. So, with these icy conditions I thought it'd be fun to post some pictures of Adeline's ICE blue eyes. Everywhere we go she gets complimented on her eyes and I must admit that they're pretty phenomenal. :) Now our mission os to understand that while God gave her truly beautiful eyes, that the kind of beauty she should work on accentuating doesn't require mascara, but God's Word applied in her life! But meanwhile I'll be happy capturing these traffic stopping eyes on film. Who knows how long they'll last!

Mixchevious Blue Eyes

Laughing Blue Eyes

She was, shockingly, not that into me taking her picture. When you tell her something she doesn't like she does this really funny face where she closes her eyes almost completely, gets straight faced and kind of glares at you through her lashes. This is the face, halfway.


"Wink Eye" (Addy coined the name of this face herself.

Surprised face

Then, all of a sudden she decided to do an arabesque. She just up and told me, "Now I'm going to perform an aerobesque!" Neither of us actually know what that is (at least I don't anyway!). Maybe she learned it from her Aunt Michelle who is a remarkable ballerina!

And, as you can see, vanity hasn't been completely mutilated in her little heart. She still adores looking at herself in the mirror. :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

faux hawks

to those who have asked me via e-mail... these shots in the previous post (as well as the one in this post) are SOOC (straight out of camera - that is, unedited). I have some uber fancy lenses that are producing some rockin' colors and sharpness! They cost me my life savings... so I guess Photoshop might be a cheaper alternative... but I love 'em all the same. :)

faux hawks.

brudders gotta have 'em.

And here's a couple of clips from Christmas Eve... Santa showed up!

Part One

santa take 1 from Michelle Hamstra on Vimeo.

Part Two

santa part 2 from Michelle Hamstra on Vimeo.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Snow Day

Adeline and John Michael finally got a chance to play in the snow. Nicholas passed. So did I. :)

I did, however, run out to grab a few pictures.

Upon arriving outside the kids informed me that the snow was too powdery to make a snowman but they did show me how to make snow angels!

Here's Addy, mid-angel trying to eat any snow that might have drifted onto her face:

Have I ever mentioned that Addy is kind of obsessed with eating the snow? Every time we're outside she tries to eat it, white, black or yellow. We've taught. She ignores. What can I say? Its her turkish delight.

Monkey see, monkey do.

Not quite as enjoyable as she makes it look!

Yup, like I said.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Me Again

Shocked to see me again? Well, I'd like to make blogging more of a priority so hopefully you'll see me around more and more!

My precious, smiley, squishy, "sNICKerdoodle" is three months old! Wow... when Adeline was first born the first three months went slowly, like savoring a fine wine, and then they were over before we wanted them to be. With John Michael they were a bit more of a blur because Addy was still only 7 months old at the time... and with Nicholas they have been shockingly fast. While I definitely feel like he's always been a part of my family I also feel like he's my little newborn... and yet, looking at him smiling and kicking, playing in his exersaucer and his Graco jumping toy I'm realizing that my little newborn is turning into a full-fledged "baby." And I'm determined to savor it.

Today I set out to take some "3 months pictures" a couple of weeks late. :) And while I was attempting some belly shots Nicholas turned over! He doesn't get much belly time so I was kind of surprised but I made such a big deal out of it that I got all sorts of snap-worthy smiles out of him. :)


IMMEDIATELY after he rolled over.

I couldn't decide color or bw... ::sheepish grin::


Nicholas loves to hold hands.... his own that is.

again, a bit indecisive.

Attempt # 2 at belly shots... he didn't roll over again, nor did he find it amusing that I was still taking pictures!

Attempt # 879 at a kid picture... hehe, one day we'll get it!

This is one WELL loved little guy. Addy talks to him all day long, John Michael adores him and tries to give him toys and blankets and pacifiers non-stop... and I'd sit and cuddle with him endlessly if we had a maid and a cook. :)

We love you Nicholas!

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Shockingly, these pictures were taken TODAY!

I often think of how I should play catch up but knowing that I never will I've decided just to post whatever is recent and leave the past the past. Eventually I would like to put Christmas pictures up as well as a video of the kids thinking they were seeing Santa... hehe But until then, enjoy day one of John Michael's unofficial potty training (if I make it official then I have to actually be consistent but right now our lives are a bit too busy to make the full plunge.)

I tried for some pictures of all three kids in my bed.

Addy & Nicholas were loving cuddling... UNTIL

The monster brother joined them.

John Michael must've done something painful to Nicholas because he lost it FAST.

"Three kids in a bed gone bad."

And Addy was so cute talking to Nicholas and comforting him.

"Little Mama"

I thought I'd sneak a picture of myself in....

"Self Portrait."

For some reason the kids REALLY wanted to take a picture of themselves sleeping.

Because Nick was so upset I laid him down in his cradle with his paci. I fully expected this to fail and fail quickly... but when I put him down he went right to sleep!

How can this be comfortable?

Hopefully the new year will bring a new comittment to blogging. I really do think this whole photography biz stuff keeps me from sharing pictures because I always feel like they have to be works of art! Well forget it, if I can make something cool and pretty I will.... but if its P&S (point and shoot :)) then that's fine too. :)