Friday, March 27, 2009


My baby is six months old.
He's the joy of our family.
He loves his pacifier, but he also loves his thumb.
He loved his sister's pink blanket until we bought him a blue one.
He loves being held more than life itself.
He lives on a schedule.
He still has his hair.
His eyes are changing colors.

I think Beth said it well when she said, "Nicholas smiles at everyone he engages with."

Its true. He's a smiler and he brings joy to all who know him.
He's Doonka.
He's Snicker.
He's Nicholas.
And he's growing up too fast.

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Ballerina

We're thinking about enrolling Adeline in ballet. She loves to twirl.

She says the cutest things all the time and I never remember them later! But one cute thing she says right now is this... instead of saying, "Hey, I have an idea!" She says, "Mommy! I have ideas!"

I have an idea... how about I package her cuteness up and make millions on ebay. :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

bathtime with the penguin-fly

Every time Johnny gives the kids a bath they always run out in their adorable towels to find me and say, "Look how cute I am Mommy!" To which I can't help but smile and agree. So, today I decided to capture a bit of that cuteness.

See if you can handle the cuteness.

My fave of John Michael:

My fave of Adeline:

My fave of them together:

And check it out, over at my photography blog Baby Triniti turned a year old. She's a princess, and I adore her! She's one of my favorite people to photograph!

Monday, March 09, 2009

the Swarts

We had the pleasure of having some of our dearest friends stay with us this weekend. Our kids played so well together, it was awesome. We often wonder if they'll all marry each other... hehe just teasin.... kinda.... but if they ever did we'd have some stinking gorgeous grandkids out of the deal. The Swart kids are knockouts. Here are some snappys from right before they left.

stinking cute

abi is so carefree in this picture, i love it.

I like to entitle this picture.... "laugh with your abs." :)

C is for Cool.... and you thought it was for Connor. :)

Sweet girl.

our kids...

Connor: Yah, I'm getting a juice box out of this.
John Michael: Mmmmm juice box.
Abi: I have to pee.
Adeline: WHY does my Mommy ALWAYS take so many pictures of us!?

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Not so sneaky

Well the few of you who weren't too shy to come play my little game were right! John Michael was the first picture and Nicholas was the second. My precious little man is 5 months old.

He's discovered his own voice and loves to squawk and talk . Its so dang cute. :) He also STILL loves to be swaddled. How funny is that? He's not that great at rolling but I think its because I hold him or put him in his exersaucer or jumper all the time. He LOVES his jumper. Video soon, I promise.

I snapped a few shots of him yesterday, nothing special but here they are.

houston we have a drooler.