Thursday, April 08, 2010

One Month old

Tomorrow Greyson will be one month old. Wow. I might cry at each monthly milestone knowing that this is the last time I'll see it with one of my kids. I'm not a weepy person... but I have my share of post partum hormones these days.

Today I put him in his discovery gym to see if he would be interested. He wasn't. But he looked cute being bored. :)

Grey Gym 5 web

Grey gym 1jpg webgrey gym 2jpg web

grey gym 4jpg web

grey gym 3jpg web

At four weeks he was 9-7 and 22 inches long so he's growing well. I think I'm done with chunky babies. :( My milk must not be as fatty as it once was - it sure isn't because I'm eating healthier. or exercising. Who has time for exercising when they're busy watching The Biggest Loser anyway?

He's sleeping better too... but the little stinker DEFINITELY loves sleeping in my bed.... and I'm a big advocate of having your baby sleep in their own bed... but not more than I love sleep. So, clearly... Greyson is sleeping in bed with me.

I have a few of post partum "issues." I wouldn't call it depression but I'm definitely battling my emotions more than normal. To top it off I'm not losing ANY weight. I literally only lost Greyson's birth weight... and then put on another 3 pounds. So, I'm basically a chubby, edgy recluse. Feel free to visit anytime - I'm seriously good company. :) hehe