Wednesday, June 08, 2011

John Michael

John Michael is quite the fighter these days. I honestly can't think of anything he loves more than to gather his growing collection of Nerf swords, shields, daggers, battle axes, maces, etc. and bring them to Johnny to have a war.  They fight and fight and fight. It really feels like the essence of boyhood.  He swings as hard as he can only to be blocked by his strong daddy. He grunts and giggles and shrieks with delight.  He talks about his gear when he isn't playing with them and carries it around the house. He's in love. And we're in love with him! Because despite this all out boyish behavior he is the most tender child that ever lived. He loves to care for people, to comfort them, to bless them, to snuggle with them, to encourage them.   He's growing up to be strong and sweet.  

John Michael Fighter storyboard

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Breaking the Pattern.

To the three people who still might read this blog... namely, my parents, my grandparents and my sister, long time no see!  

Here is a sweet little picture of Greyson. He is 15 months old this week. He hates vegetables & fruit and only sometimes eats dairy. He usually doesn't say no to carbs though! Especially the snacky kind, goldfish, pretzels, crackers, etc.  He's still very smiley but is learning very quickly how to throw a tantrum.  He isn't walking but for the first time I'm noticing some readiness skills. He is looking at the next thing to hold onto and considering going over to it without holding on before plopping down and crawling. I think this summer will be when he starts walking!

His eyes are so blue and spending time in the sun over the past couple of weeks is making his hair blonder. He loves to be wrestled with, thrown around and held. He loves telephones and computers and reading books.  He hated taking baths for the entire first year of his life but now he BEGS for them and cries when he has to get out.  Everybody is gaga for grey grey.  

greyby baby 15 months

After I posted this i realized that his eyes aren't all the way opened and he looks constipated. Oh well, he's still cute. :)