Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tia Tara and Uncle Jason

Okay, I'm so behind on posting. The reality is we've done a lot of LIVING in this past month and it hasn't left much time for blogging... but one of the major event over this past month is that MY BABY BOY turned one! We had his birthday party today and I can't wait to post pictures. He did great.... well, pretty great. :)

Here's an OLD post that never got published. More updates soon!

Tia Tara, Uncle Adam and Uncle Jason came to visit a while ago. (actually they've been back since I took these pictures!!) Tara and Jason are my sister and brother. Jason is stationed in Iraq for a second term and my sister and her husband Adam live in Atlanta. Jason was home for a brief leave so my sister and Adam came down to be able to see him.

Like most young children the kids always have a hard time warming up to people they don't see often... but it didn't take quite as long as normal!

Here's Addy snuggling up with Jason.

WooHOo! Uncle Jason's home!

Sweet Kisses

Here is Tara and Adam at Old Mill.... my dad's favorite pizza place out here.

Mom and Dad

At Old Mill they were having a duck racing competition and there was a big jumping castles there. It was the first time Addy had been in one. SHE JUST LOVED IT! She was giggling and laughing, falling and jumping, stumbling and screaming. I don't know if I've ever seen her have so much fun.

Of course GG couln't resist joining her.

So I followed suit. I'm not usually so adventurous but the kids are pulling it out of me.

She thought it was so funny she could see Bampa through the screen!

Here's Jason with John Michael.

And the kids getting ready to take a bike ride. Are you supposed to put helmets on them when they are riding in this contraption? It would be so uncomfortable because you wouldn't be able to lean up against the back of it!

And Addy in her little JEEP my mom bought her!

And finally after what seemed like endless festivities... my sister reading Addy a bedtime story. Its one of her favorites!