Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sox games, splash pads and cute little boys with their bears

I'm still having problems uploading pictures onto Blogger so blogging will be more sporatic until I can figure out what the problem is. Meanwhile, here's another update!!

Our sweet baby boy.

John Michael and his "bear" I think we'll name him Sam - but we're not totally sure yet.

Addy wasn't too sure about the splash pad the first time I took her... she doesn't seem to mind it now!! Here she is mid-sprint.

John Michael is getting more and more alert. Here he is checking out his rings in his Discovery gym. I think I've seen him bat at some of the toys too!!

We joined DD & Beth at Cell Field to take in a great Sox game a couple of weeks ago... not because we're SOX fans but because we're "Chicago fans." :) (I should insert here that Johnny is very tempted to switch over at this point. I'm staying true blue though!) And because we love hanging out with DD & Beth.

This is the only picture I've been able to get of Addy making her new "face". We think she gives it when she's angry. She tilts her head down, lowers her eyebrows and looks up at you like she's frowning. I know its terrible but I think its so cute that I try to get her to make it all the time so I can get a picture!!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

week at a glance

I have had a terribly difficult time trying to upload pictures since switching to beta blogger. I can only load one at a time for some reason and just discovered that tonight! So here are the pictures I had the patience to upload!

Last Sunday we went downtown for a couple hours for my brother's birthday. If Addy was looking this would've been an awesome picture! Instead its just really good. :)

My cross eyed clowns!!

Addy & her Daddy

Addy playing in the fountain across from Navy Pier. She loved it!!

John Michael with Grandma and Grabo (I mean Grandpa)

His (bear to be named soon) head is furry & so is mine!!

our sweet little guy.

Monday, August 21, 2006

saying goodbye and sunglass fiascos

Here are some amusing pictures of Addy trying to put on her sunglasses.

Don't these things sit on my nose?
Maybe if I stretch them just a little farther...

I thought these were supposed to help you see better? I can't see anything!

One more try.

Silly girl!

On a sad, very sad, note... my mom left today. :( She was an incredible help - not just caring for me but enjoying the kids. I'm going to miss her a ton and Addy is already wondering where she's at. Here are some pictures of Addy & her GG waiting for the bus to come take her to the airport.

Friday, August 18, 2006

the rest of the wedding pictures

Well, here are the rest of the pictures I am going to post... but you should really check out the slideshow from the photographer. He did a great job. There are also some really great pictures of the decor done by my dear friend natty!

John Michael's first plane ride. (13 days old!)

John Michael meeting Uncle Jason for the first time!

rainy days in atlanta

a bit of pampering before the wedding

tara & mom at the bridesmaid's luncheon

she made it!!

and so did they!

proud grandparents

addy & auntie leeeeess. leslie "the incredible" served us all weekend by caring for our children AND our whole family! thanks les, we love you. :)

all prospects of cuteness are lost in this picture... (i think this was mid-sneeze)

me & the gals

trey & natty "tay tay" to addy

me & my man!

mom and dad - yes, i know, my mom is beautiful (and yes, she really is my mom, not my sister!)

The weekend wore out the porcupine!

have you seen chubbier cheeks!?

The Happy Sassers. :)

We love you guys!