Sunday, August 31, 2008

did i post these?

this post is going to be a bit of a summer recap... posting pictures I can't remember if I ever posted before! So, fasten your seatbelts, here we go!


Grandpa "Bampa"'s birthday (In June!)

A painting project

Swimming with the Sade-ster

Joy rides

These are pictures of the kids with their "crazy faces". :)

4th of July parade

The kids absolutely loved collecting the candy as it was thrown out of the passing trucks.

I love this one. Its completely impossible to get the kids all looking at the same time... but I think I'll cherish these types of pictures more than any posed one I ever take! Such good memories!

Cotton candy is now an annual 4th of July parade tradition. :) Addy remembered it from last year! John Michael wasn't really sure what to do with it but in the end I don't think he was without his fair share of sugar. :)

And a few random ones to finish it off. :)

Addy loves her backpack... and her cowboy boots. She's excited about a new pair she just got from Uncle Jason!

And John Michael is really getting into reading. He's reading more and more these days. I think this no TV thing has been good for him... I write that as the kids are watching a movie in the basement. :) :) :)

Can you tell I'm in my "nesting" mode? I'm getting things done like crazy - including blogging!

Check out the photograhy blog for some recent updates. :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

My growing family

My growing family has me busy and tired these days! I apologize for those of you who check the blog faithfully and find the same old post waiting for you... but those of you who have had small children know that just caring for the family can be a consuming job!

And if you have had children you also know that it is a wonderful job. Tired I may be.. but nothing could outweigh my gratefulness to God for such a rich life. My children are healthy and strong and as a family we are continually growing in our knowledge of and relationship with our God... and really, nothing is more rewarding or satisfying than knowing God intimately.

Here are some pictures from John Michael's birthday party! We had a sports ball theme since he's borderline obsessed with balls. We could've just as easily chosen to have a motorcycle theme... but I didn't want to encourage idolatry in his heart! :)
He was so excited about his cake... but like last year, he was a bit shy with all the attention. (There were 25 people waiting for his reaction.)

title="IMG_9446" href="">

Not to be forgotten:

My little mimickers:

going full force!

Getting some lessons from Uncle Donnie

i love this one. :)

"Digging in"

He ended up with an orange mohawk that lasted until his bath. We couldn't wash it out otherwise!


John Michael had such cute responses to his presents. He'd grin, raise his eyebrows over and over again (that's his signature goofy face) and say "Yaaah!!!"

The Idol.

DD & Beth got him that motorcycle. It looks just like DD's! He rides it EVERY DAY. And falls off of it just about every day too. But, just like idolatry, no matter how many times you get burned you always seem to be drawn right back to it!

And finally, the pinata. The kids just loved the pinata - even though it was a blazing day outside!

I realize there are way more pictures of Adeline with the pinata but her response was just too comical not to capture!

My little hoarder. I wonder where she gets it from?

John Michael also got a trampoline for his birthday! Thanks to everyone who went in on it. They are on the trampoline almost EVERY SINGLE DAY! But, surprisingly, I have not gotten any pictures of them on it yet! Its a little hard to do through the cage and I haven't gotten on the trampoline since we first got it (and even then you KNOW I wasn't jumping!) So, here's to hoping I have some pictures of them on the trampoline before the summer is over!

And regarding the rest of the growing family, this baby is growing right along with us. Everyone, everwhere loves to comment about how huge I am. I'm hoping they're referring to my front side and not my backside... which seems to have gotten confused as to which side of my body is supposed to look pregnant! :)

I'm definitely having those 9th month aches and pains but as far as we can tell the baby is healthy and strong and will come when its ready. I've not delivered early in the past so I'm not expecting to go early this time either.

Please pray for a safe delivery! We live an hour away from the hospital so we're slightly nervous about making it there on time.... but a baby in the backseat always makes for a good story, right?