Monday, July 21, 2008

summer fun

Well, I have no idea when some of these pictures were taken but I thought I' better start blogging because I have about a million pictures to post!

Here are a couple of cute things the kids have said/done recently.

Mommy: "John Michael, did you disobey Mommy?"
John Michael: (nodding) "yes."
Mommy: "Okay, what do you get when you disobey?"
John Michael: (now, grinning) "PRESENTS!"

Johnny, playing their own version of Goldilocks & the 3 Bears with Addy:

Johnny: "I'm a big brown bear and I'm hungry! I think I'm going to eat Goldilocks!"
Addy: "Well, I'm Goldilocks and I don't taste very good!!"

Here are the kids first twinkies... at least I think they were their first. You never know with Johnny, he's always sneaking them sweets when I'm not looking. I'm a stickler for limited sugar... but we eat at McDonalds more than we should - go figure!

Giving "the look"

I took video too - it was hilarious - they loved it. We've started having "dessert" together more often after dinner since then but it was one of the first times we did so they were in heaven!

I also wanted to throw in this picture of the kids snuggling in my bed in the morning. John Michael used to get up every morning, (Well, I'd get him up) and come into bed with me and we'd watch Little People together. It was sweet. But, since we are on a summer hiatus from TV (did I ever mention that?) they now just get in and jump around... which is always interesting at my current size!

4th of July was a blast. The Maples were able to come out and we were SO GLAD. Addy & John Michael just adore Sadie and it was a sweet time for us to see them play together as well as to see little Canon. I guess Amy is capable of having chunky kids because Canon is all chub! He did so well and I can't wait to hang out with them again soon!

This is the kids at the "kiddie parade." Every 4th of July Highland has a parade that consists of whatever kids show up, dressed up in their patriotic gear. Many kids go "all out" decorating bikes, wagons, etc. We just find red white and blue clothes. :)

Hiding from the camera:

Travis, being the dedicated Dad.

Auntie Donna in her glory.

My joyful children... hehe

An attempt at a family picture:

Daddy & his princess:

Grandpa and John Michael

We also went to the town fair which is always a blast.

Well, most of the time anyway. In this next picture John Michael is crying because he would rather ride the rides then take a picture:

There's no doubt who is trying to be the leader here.

Getting ready to take off!

My little ham.

Um... I think he likes it.

Onto the next ones!

lovin the motorcycle... is anyone surprised?

silly girl

sweet canon

Auntie Meems & her girl:

Okay.... part 2 of the fair & the rest of our time with the Maples coming soon!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Johnny's home!

Well, life is certainly better when Johnny is home... and Adeline isn't sick! For those of you who didn't know, our poor little gal was down with tonsilitis for almost the entire time Johnny was gone. She was running really high fevers (104-104.7!). I was pretty surprised though at how WELL she did! She was quite the trooper and in the end the only long term effect of her illness is that she tends to fake sick these days with hopes of sleeping in Mommy's bed. :)

We didn't do a whole lot while Johnny was gone since Addy was sick but we did go to my cousin's graduation party. She graduated from the University of Chicago and is off to New York City to make it big like her brother and sister already have! Congrats Linds!

Here are some pictures of the get together:

This is not Lindsey - its Ashley - Addy always clicks with her! (It might have something to do with Ashley's love of giving Addy sweets... :))

the happy graduate!

my lovely familia

title="graduation and last day in chitown 143" href="">

Funny story - my cousin (Ryan) had a blackberry he let John Michael play with... well Addy decided that she wanted the Blackberry so I told John Michael to share it and Ryan kindly got out a second cell phone for him to play with... but that little guy wanted nothing to do with it! He knew that Blackberry was way cooler than any old cell phone. I guess you can't blame him!

Here's Addy and Auntie Beth reading a story together.

The kids were thrilled to have their daddy back though! He was gone for Father's Day which was too bad but they welcomed him home with snuggles and giggles as soon as they saw him. I actually kept them up late the night he came home and took them all the way to the airport to see him.

Shortly after he arrived home Johnny had his 32nd birthday party. We had a breakfast party for him and a cookout at his parents house later that night. The kids loved the birthday party in the morning and wore their party hats the whole time.

Can't you tell what a great time John Michael is having!?

i don't look so good first thing in the morning. :)

Addy loves taking pictures these days. Here's one she took of Johnny & John Michael:

And here is her attempt at taking a picture of me at 29 weeks:

But here are a couple of more. People love to tell me how big I am... its really quite remarkable how they must think that I love hearing that I am the size of a house, asking me if I'm SURE I'm not having twins and assuring me that there is no way I'll make it all the way to my due date. :) Well, honestly, it doesn't bother me too much but I do feel unusually large and unnatractive at this point. It doesn't help that these pics are make-up free! I should've at least tried to edit them and make me look better! But, oh well... ) Without further ado - here are my 29 week pictures:

And one last picture of Addy & John Michael. These crack me up!

My poor emo boy takes after his mama!

Well, check out the MHP blog for a recent engagement session and stay tuned for a recap of our 4th of July week/weekend extravaganza with Sadie & Canon!

Sneak Peek at the engagement session: