Friday, April 25, 2008

not my kids

i know i said i was going to write about my own kids... and I will, promise!  But two dear friends (who are also family!) had their babies in the past week... and I would be remiss if I didn't announce it on my blog!  

Last Thursday Travis & Amy welcomed a baby boy into their family.  Meet Canon James!  Amy, Travis, Sadie & Canon are all doing great!  ( pictures ruthlessly stolen from Joslynn's blog!)

And this Thursday (as in yesterday) Donnie & Shannon welcomed another baby boy into their family!  Meet Caleb John.  Again, Donnie, Shannon & Ajai are all doing great.  

Both girls went early... Amy only a day (but still!) and Shannon went 6 days early.  Lets hope it rubs off!  I'm not holding my breath though...

Congratulations guys!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

okay okay!

I've had several people write and ask when I'm going to blog about my own kids... Truth be told, as much as there is to blog I haven't been very good about taking nice pictures of the kids. I've been pretty content with just snapshots and genuinely happy with myself if I even take those! So, I'm not sure how long this blog will live once I have three children ages three and under... but for now I'm prepared to satisfy my reader's requests. :)

Aaahhh, where to start!? Adeline turned three on Easter Sunday. She insisted on having a Diego cake this year. I guess thats what I get for asking her!

My mom decorated it and it was so worth it since Adeline absolutely loved it!

The kids don't get a lot of sugar... I'm not anal about it but I avoid it whenever possible and since I rarely go anywhere its usually pretty possible! Here are the kids having a taste of cake. You can tell Addy isn't sure she is supposed to be doing this:

She was really into her birthday this year which made it all the more fun! She kept listing all the things she would have for her birthday - a Diego cake, presents, balloons and party hats! So, of course we made sure we had all of that (and more!).

And it wouldn't be a party without presents, right? She got PLENTY. Her favorites were a little moving pig animal from Tia Tara & Uncle Adam and her playhouse (those big ones that go outside) from my mom & dad. My personal favorite was one of those nice inflatable pools that we can use this summer! It comes with a filter too and I got a cover to go with it so that we don't have to change the water out every day like we do with our other pool. Thanks to everyone on Johnny's side of the family who went in together to get it for us!

John Michael even got a gift. He loves his little lion. We tell stories about lions to the kids all the time (i don't know why - but they sure love them!) Thanks to Ryan & Diana for thinking of him too. :)

Doesn't she look happy with her loot?

Overall it was a wild success. I wish I would've gotten a family picture but that seems to be impossible when you're the one taking the pictures! Maybe next time.

Until then we'll enjoy our big three year old!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

baby mania

Well its baby mania on Johnny's side of the family!  I'm so excited to be having babies around the same time as all these gals - who are also dear friends!

I figured i better get on the ball and post these since word on the street is Amy's contractions are getting serious!!

Here are some pictures of us and when we are due.

Amy - due April 18 (36 weeks in picture)

Shannon - due April 28 (35 weeks in picture)

Mary - due June 6 (6 1/2 months in picture)

Michelle - due September 18 (18 weeks in picture) -i'm so huge.... i might hide in a hold when i'm in my last month!