Friday, September 30, 2005

Entering MacWorld (no, not McDonald's)

The expression on Adeline's face in this picture is a dead ringer for her mom these days. We finally took the plunge... we did a 180... we chose to hop on the bandwagon, to dive in head first, to venture into new horizons.... You are probably thinking, "WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?" We bought a mac. Yes... all of this drama is over a computer.

After much consideration we decided to join those who consider themselves to be the elite.... Mac Owners. You know the group... they think anyone who still uses a PC is living in the ice age. They equate Dell with Commodore 64 and rise above mass production to engage a far superior machine... an apple. Who wouldn't be sucked in with that kind of sales pitch? Not us.

We're excited. Frustratred and confused (like the above picture) but excited all the same. I'm returning to my roots... but I must admit (if you are a Mac owner you might want to shut your eyes for this next sentence) I MISS MY BELOVED PC! I knew all of the keyboard shortcuts, the ins and outs of the programs I used and could get things done in a flash. Now I go to quit a program and when I type Alt+F4 the volume of my Mac turns down...

But not only did we buy a Mac... we bought an iBook. (a laptop). This should enable me to write more e-mails, do more with my photography and send more pictures... which is what most of you probably came to the site to see anyway. So, without further ado, please enjoy these pictures of Addy waking up yesterday.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Maybe Mobile??

The porcupine went in this morning for her six month check-up and immunizations. She only got two shots today and took them both like a champ. She cried for less than a minute but when the nurse came over to give her a smile she screamed in terror!

Dr. Leitzel didn't have any concerns and she seems to be developing well! She is very interested in sitting up and has taken a new interest in her surroundings. She doesn't seem to miss a thing! The teething pains seem to have subsided and I can't complain. She and I are both happier for it.

Here Addy getting up on her knees. I've yet to figure out how she moves around but I'll often leave her in one place and find her 3 feet in a different direction!

More soon, Hope you are checking out our online photo album (or there is a link to the right). I am adding pictures slowly.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Here's a quick peek at our precious peanut. :) We found a helpful teething tool... Filling her safe feeder with an ice cube and letting her bite/suck on it has been relieving for her sore gums. She has discovered the novelty of banging her toys (and whatever else she can get her pudgy hands on!) onto any hard surface in sight. More soon.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Who could've ever thought this precious gal could be fussy? And for those of us who knew her well during her first days with us, who would've ever imagined that sleep would become an arch enemy? But, alas, teething time has arrived and our poor girl is battling both comfort and sleep. The idyllic days of her youth are already a thing of the past! But, as you can see, this lack of sleep isn't affecting her beauty! She is still our precious porcupine and despite her battle against the pearly white mountains everyone is enjoying her immensely.

Youth group has started up again and we are off and running! Last Sunday was an eleven hour day for us and a sweet reminder of how wonderful it is to have Mondays free to rest! Its amazing how different everything feels from year to year. Two years ago we were pioneering something new for LWC, last year we were beginning to meet in our house and this year we have a baby! Though the circumstances continue to shift and change one thing remains the same... Our God is faithful. Even when things seem daunting or overwhelming we can rest in the knowledge and assurance that His love for His church and commitment to His glory far outweighs our inadequacies and shortcomings! So, we press on, in faith that this year will be a time of growth, encouragement and increased glory for our Lord.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Well, I'm giving in. I've decided to ride the "blog wave..." even though I can't seem to understand why blogging is the rage I'm going to lay down my arguments about how blogging is nothing more than an updated billboard system, own up to the fact that even at my young age I'm seeing a resistance to newfangled technology and move on... So here I am.... blogging. Who would've figured!

our sunshine

its late and i really should be in bed but i've been surfing these blogs and it is unbelievably addictive to read the secrets and passion of other people's lives!

one other reason i haven't been able to go to sleep is that i'm overcome with God's gooness in our life. we spent the afternoon and evening with friends of ours who just had a baby boy... prematurely. His lungs weren't fully developed and he is in the neo natal icu because he is having some complications with his breathing... then on the way home we were held up by a 20+ car pile up with multiple fatalities... not to mention the recent katrina disaster. i'm moved at the blessings of a healthy baby girl, a safe trip home and a roof over my head. too often i am distracted or annoyed by the business of life and don't spend time thanking the One who gives it to us in the first place. so, here is a good use for my blog.... thank you lord for my wonderful husband, thank you God for my precious little girl, thank you for parents who love me and continue to lavish me with generosity, thank you for an incredible sister, thank you that we're finally as close as we dreamed we'd be, thank you for my sweet brother, thank you for "in-laws" that blow stereotypes of in-laws out of the water with their love for me and generosity toward me, thank you for my grandparents who have always loved me unconditionally... thank you for health, thank you for financial blessing, thank you for your Son's death on the cross and ressurection to life, thank you for softening my heart to the gospel, thank you for your Word, thank you for your Promises... thank you for today. even though we affectionately refer to our little girl as "adeline, our sunshine" we acknowledge that you are the One who shines the sun and warms our life with your goodness. we love you Lord.