Friday, February 15, 2008

Potty Trained! + Apples

Well, I think she's officially trained.  We've had a handful of accidents since we started but not one today and she is regularly telling us when she has to go potty (without promting.)  On several occassions she has even gone by herself and then came to tell me!  The only setback we have is that she is a serious creature of habit.... she was trained on the little potty and so she is NOT happy when I try to get her to go on the big potty.  Here she is telling me how unhappy she is to be on the big potty.

Here she is though, an official big girl!

And here are a few pictures I snapped of Addy today. John Michael is not so keen on having his picture taken right now so I promise its not preferential treatment! She's just a better model right now! :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

PT Day 2 + the Swarts

Day 2 is underway. Yesterday was a wild success! After the first accident in the morning she went potty in the toilet EVERY TIME! I was shocked and amazed and so proud of her. She wore a pull up last night and woke up soaked. :) So, I think we'll stick to that method until she wakes up dry.

She woke up this morning saying she didn't want to go potty training any more but she's been up an hour with no accidents. So, here's crossing our fingers!

I'll leave you with a picture of Addy that always cracks me up as well as some pictures of the Swarts (mainly Abi) I took this past weekend.



Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Potty Training - Day One

Well, its official. We're potty training again. I feel bad saying again because I didn't give it too much effort the first time. She wasn't super excited about it and I didn't pump her full of fluids and sit her on the toilet enough. I think I wasn't that into it. Today though, we entered water drinking boot camp..... and SUCESS!

Upon waking up I informed Addy that today we were going to say goodbye to her diapers! She got so sad and said, "Mommy, I don't want to go potty training!" :) I reminded her that Uncle DD & Auntie Beth promised she could stay the night at their house if she was potty trained... and that seemed motivation enough to get her down the stairs without a diaper.

Her first potty of the day was on the floor. I had her drinking water as much as I could and sitting on the potty chair (the little one) as often as I could but she kind of fought it.... and then we had an "accident." I told her it was okay but next time it should go in the potty! So, we sat her on the potty to see if she had any more. Of course she didn't... but I stuffed her with saltines and gave her more water to drink. One of those scheduled times on the potty I was reading her and JM a book and she looked up with a surprise on her face and said, "Mommy! I'm going potty!" Boy, did we have a throw down. All three of us began cheering and dancing and singing and twirling. Addy refers to it as her "poopy party." We then made a big deal about flushing it down the toilet and saying goodbye to it... and then came the potty treat. One peanut M&M. She was so excited.... and then quite manipulatively asked super sweetly, "Two Mommy?" I smiled... but I know my girl... and told her kindly, "No, sweetheart. Only one." It was pretty funny.

So, about 3-4 minutes later we resumed reading our book and she asked me, "Mommy may I go potty again?" To which I quickly and enthusiastically replied "YES!" and put her on the toilet immediately. She went again! Replay, party, dance, treat, manipulative plea for two."

After that she went potty three times during our scheduled potty sitting times and then I let her watch a little bit of a movie. **This is what encourages me the most** DURING the movie she ran into the living room and said, "Mommy I have to go potty again!" So, we "threw" her on the chair and sure enough she went again! So... we'll see what goes on for the rest of the week.... I'm a bit stumped as to what to do at night and for naps.... if anyone has ideas, let me know!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

she loves her lucy

addy adores her little lovie, Lucy. She treats her like a baby and talks to her and talks FOR her. Its really so sweet. She also knows that we have several of them so she's regularly requesting to have Lucy's "Mommy" or "Daddy." But, surprisingly, she is often content with just one - coddling it and playing with it.... here's a picture of her and her beloved. :)

I did one in color and one in faded color with a bit of texture. Which do you prefer?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


addy did a little photoshoot for me. it didn't turn out like i hoped but here are some cute shots. I'm trying to shoot manual right now with a 50mm lens... its so tricky for me!

Please forgive the fact that the right side of the pictures gets cropped out. I haven't figured out how to remedy that. Bipin, any suggestions? I can't make the pics smaller...

valentines day storyboard, originally uploaded by Region Mom.

and this little guy would NOT sit still for a picture... :(

JM red wall, originally uploaded by Region Mom.