Thursday, June 29, 2006

striped sunshine

Here are some recent pictures of our gal:

Family shot on Johnny's 30th birthday.

Someone told me that blue eyes look their best in the sunlight. So, I took some pictures of Addy with the sun coming in and I think they were right!

There is definitely potential for wave/curl here!

Note the drumstick in the previous picture and in this picture. They are one of Addy's favorite toys.... though we are currently training her not to drum on the furniture. Not that our stuff is that nice but I can just see her destroying someone's antique heirloom!!

Addy has been more and more interested in reading. I got her some new books from the library the other day and she was so excited! She sometimes gets bored with the ones we have here and wants to skip ahead to her favorite parts/pictures. Its kind of cute but the perfectionist in me hates that we aren't reading every page! Here she is listening to Johnny read to her.

And finally, Leep's Supply's newest model with her Uncle "Oogie" aka David Kotynski... who is single I might add. :)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Ice Queen

I know Dr. Tedd Tripp wouldn't approve of letting Addy pick out her own clothes.... but I couldn't resist when she brought these hot pink cowboy boots to go with her new sailor outfit.

Doesn't she look so proud of herself?

Addy & Daddy

Addy loves to show everyone where the airplanes and birds are. As soon as she hears them she immediately points to the sky.

She's discovered that she has a passion for ice. At an Axis cookout she couldn't keep her hands out of the ice/drink bucket!

Lick your lips yummy.

Here she is bringing me a piece.

Digging for more.

This method seems faster.

I wonder if this ice is made from purified water?

mmm... cold


29 days to go

Well, blogger seems to be having some difficulties uploading pictures. I tried yesterday and today with no luck... So, I'll refrain from boring you with too long of a post but I'm excited to say that I have 29 days left! That's almost four weeks. Please pray with me that if I would go into labor naturally two weeks early. The morning of the 16th would be ideal... :) Why not be specific, our God is a God of detail, right?

To be clear... I don't want to go early at the risk of John Michael's health... Its really just a matter of convenience. My sister's wedding is August 12 and the longer I have at home adjusting to John Michael, nursing, etc. the smoother our trip to Atlanta will be. Not to mention that I'm ready to have meet little guy face to face!

More soon,

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gift Time

When my dad came in to visit us he didn't come empty handed! He had a load of gifts for Addy and John Michael. Here is Addy... a bit more interested in keeping Grandpa out of the suitcase than seeing her new clothes.

This was one of her favorite gifts. Its a wooden frog that has the alphabet and learning tools on it... unfortunately you have to speak German to understand most of it!

She insisted on carrying it around with her.

Apparently opening gifts is exhausting because it wiped her out!

Here are some other cute pictures:

Addy with TuTu:

Smiles in the bath:

Friday, June 23, 2006

Addy & Grandpa Jerry

Addy took to my dad like white on rice when he came into town. I don't know if it was the pictures that we show her or just a natural inclination toward her grandpa but she went straight to him and couldn't get enough of him while he was here!

Here's Addy playing with a toy my mom sent over from Germany and wearing slippers that my dad and mom got her in Holland. They are in the shape of little wooden shoes and Addy LOVED them. She cried every time one would fall off.

Here's my dad reading to Addy. She kept bringing him books and then holding her arms up in the air for him to pick her up and read to her. Sweet.

Father's Day Addy was right on cue. The video will probably only interest family but here's a sweet video of Addy chilling out and then going to give her Grandpa kisses.

I miss you Grandpa! Come back soon!!

Here are some random shots of Addy. She loves swinging and this was after a long swinging session... but she was asking for more!

Happy 30th Birthday, love!

30 (of the endless) Reasons I LOVE my husband!

30. He's handsome
29. He's silly.
28. He cleans the bathroom.
27. He's a hard worker.
26. He's a family man.
25. He loves to eat.
24. He gives me a backrub almost every night (during this last trimester pregnancy anyway... :))
23. He reads the Word every day.
22. He prays for me every morning before he leaves.
21. He makes me laugh and roll my eyes.
20. He carves out time for us to spend together.
19. He's almost always smiling.
18. He loves the Cubs... even though they stink.
17. He loves me and Addy... even when we stink!
16. He'll watch incredibly stupid movies with me since they are the only clean movies we can rent!
15. He lets me take up 2/3 of the bed (even when I'm not pregnant!)
14. He's very protective of me.
13. His big blue eyes. :)
12. His passion for strawberry pie.
11. The way he thoroughly enjoys recieving gifts. Nobody appreciates things more than he does!
10. He still talks to me even though sometimes I sneak mushrooms into his food (secretly hoping he'll one day fall in love with them!)
9. He bears the weight of responsibility when it comes to finances, decisions and child-rearing in our family.
8. He sacrifices his preferences to please me.
7. The way he enjoys pizza.
6. His feet are always clean and not smelly. (honest!)
5. He always takes out the garbage (and recycles for me!)
4. He loves my family and really enjoys getting to spend time with them.
3. The way he enjoys our daughter, Adeline. He laughs and giggles with her and gets so excited when she does something new. He loves giving her sweet foods and indulging her any way he can!
2. The way he loves me. I could write 30 ways he loves me but I'll try to be brief. He's tender with me, kind to me, faithful to me, relentlessly pursuing me, sacrificing for me, encouraging me and enjoying me. He's constantly preferring me and time with me over everything else.
1. His faithfulness to love and serve our Lord with every fabric of his being.