Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Ice Queen

I know Dr. Tedd Tripp wouldn't approve of letting Addy pick out her own clothes.... but I couldn't resist when she brought these hot pink cowboy boots to go with her new sailor outfit.

Doesn't she look so proud of herself?

Addy & Daddy

Addy loves to show everyone where the airplanes and birds are. As soon as she hears them she immediately points to the sky.

She's discovered that she has a passion for ice. At an Axis cookout she couldn't keep her hands out of the ice/drink bucket!

Lick your lips yummy.

Here she is bringing me a piece.

Digging for more.

This method seems faster.

I wonder if this ice is made from purified water?

mmm... cold



Adeline said...

wow your addy is beautiful, i have an addy too. ggod choice of name huh?

Suzanne said...

I love the picture of her getting the ice out with her mouoth! That is too cute.

How did you center your text??

Trill said...

Little babies can't pick out their clothes? OH. Well she looks cute.

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

I havent been blog-hopping for a while, so I had some catching up to do here!
Addy is really losing the baby look and turning into a little girl! Great pics, as always. :)

I dont think I will suggest to Joshua that he open a salon, though. hehe. :)

Lisa said...

Too cute. I love those ice shots. I think that Julia and Addy will have many "I can't believe you took a picture of me doing THAT" moments in a few years. And you're never going to believe this BUT.. I am starting to see a little bit of you in Addy's eyes and face. So that's 95.9% John and 4.1% you : )