Monday, April 30, 2007





Man, I love that game!

And some other shots of our precious girl.

How big is Addy?

giggly gal

belly laughs


on a mission

dazed and confused

our adorable adster pie

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Easter with the Hamstras!

Easter was a blast this year. Adeline loved all of the festivities surrounding the holiday.

The week before Easter Johnny's cousin and his family were in town so we celebarted Easter early by coloring Easter eggs.

Rachel (almost 4) and Addy decorated them together outside since the weather was so nice.

Easter Eggs!

Let's get started!


What a pretty egg!

But not as pretty as I am!

Almost done!

Sweet girls

Um... wow. the eggs are dyed.

Guess I'll pick my nose now.

Let's go to the park now mommy!

The many faces of Adeline.

Swinging with Daddy

This slide is staticky.

Hi Rachel!


John Michael and Flora weren't quite as active.

All that playing outside made us ready for a bath!

and a story with Mr. Tommy (Johnny's cousin)

Here's their middle girl, Flora. She's a sweetie.

We had such a blast with the Buursma's. They are missionaries in the Phillipines and are such down to earth, real people who love God with all their heart and it shows in all they do. We only wish tickets to the Phillippines weren't so expensive so we could visit them!!

More soon. :)

Friday, April 13, 2007

My Baby Boy!

Well, my little baby boy is growing up quickly! I can't believe he'll be a year old in a few months!

Here is my most recent favorite picture of him.

He is, without a doubt a mommy's boy. He prefers me over everyone and sometimes will scream at the top of his lungs unless I hold him! But, even when he isn't with me he is generally pretty good natured. He's a smiley little boy and loves to play peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake.

He's a typical 2nd born... constantly reminding me that he wants more attention.... :)

I love this picture because he's laughing so hard!

Filling out

He's still not as eager of an eater as Addy was but he's doing much better now. If only I would make more effort to feed him solids he's probably be quite the chunker! To be honest I have good intentions but I forget a lot since his naptimes tend to coincide with mealtimes.... but if he's up while we're eating you can bet that he lets us know he'd like to join us!

This little kid has quite the hat collection. He's slowly learning to keep them on!

Almost as soon as I get that hat on him he reaches up to grab it and take it off. Ahh... rebellion at an early age!!

And as you can see clearly in this next picture the kid is still a drooling machine. He still spits up at least once a day - sometimes more but not nearly as bad as it used to be... or maybe I'm just used to it!

He loves bathtime. Addy also loves it when he takes a bath with her!

He can splash with the best of them but he has a bad habit of eating the bubbles!

All bundled up

He also likes the park. He can only take the swing for so long but while he's in it he sure has a blast!

What a view!


Higher Mommy! I love swinging!

Addy loves string cheese and yogurt for snacks... John Michael loves ANYTHING he can put in his mouth!! We love calling him "oral fixation boy" because he's rarely seen without some foreign object in his mouth or on its way to his mouth!

His little ghetto hat...

He's got a few buddies already too!

Here he is with Ruby. They are the chunkers of the last group of babies. Emma might be a bit chunkier but she's so active (she was speed crawling through the church at 6 months old) she probably works off all her calories!! Ruby & John Michael are taking their time getting around.

Oooh, she's pretty.

John Michael: "Hey Ruby, can you help me get this blasted shoe off?"

Ruby: "Not really but I'll eat it for you."

Here is a picture of the adorable Emma too (don't be deceived by her chunky cheeks, the girl is a peanut!). All three of these babies were born within a week of each other!

And here he is with Larry. I like to tease him that it won't be long before John Michael is dunking on him. :)

He finally got his first tooth a few weeks ago which was a couple of months quicker than his sister got hers.

And lastly... the kid is mobile. My life has taken a new twist!

All the practicing is over and he's learned how to move around. Crawling isn't is specialty... scooting is but he's also become quite proficient at CLIMBING! He learned to move around well one week and the next week I found him trying to crawl out of his bed!!


... and with NO remorse!

Here I come Mom! Catch me!

Needless to say the crib mattress went down right away.

A mom could love her little boy more than I love this precious guy. My only fear is that I'll spoil him so much that he'll never be very tough! He keeps me busy with his oral fixation, his cling-on tendencies and his love of attention.

Guess its time to start trying for another one, hey?

Nah... lets let him enjoy being the baby for a bit longer. :)