Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my baby's last days as the baby

As little Greyson's arrival draws closer and closer I'm increasingly aware that these are Nicholas' last days as the baby. He's known no other life but everything he knows as normal is about to "flip turn upside down" - as the Fresh Prince would say. :) I thought I'd take a moment and reflect on what he's like right now. :) 

I'm not the baby anymore web

Nicholas is... a self proclaimed vegetarian. :( I don't know how he's going to make it in this house of meat lovers but this kid does NOT like meat. Every once in a while he eats it, oblivious to the fact that he's eating meat but for the most part he shoves it away and screams like a banchee if I force him to have a bite. :) 

He's also lactose intolerant. He's never done well with dairy and its just getting worse. He's not as sensitive as some kids I've heard of but he absolutely can't handle yogurts, milk, lots of cheese, and without a doubt NO ICE CREAM. I'm tellin' you, it ain't pretty!

As many issues as he may have with food though - this kid is a definite Hamstra/Worthington. He LOVES to eat. He'll eat... and eat... and eat... and eat! Whenever people how much he eats - especially for breakfast - they are always shocked. This morning he ate 2 clementines, 3 pieces of French Toast and some cheerios. 

He's really starting to talk. His favorite things to say are: "Peease" "Up" "Where'd it go?" "B" "Paci" "Daddy!!" "Bampa" "Oooeeooohs" (Cheerios) & "Goggy" (Doggy).  When he's not speaking English he's jibber jabbering in baby talk which is such a joy to listen to. :)

Nick web 3Nick web 2

He barks at all animals - birds, dogs, cows, pigs, cats, fish. You name it, he barks. :)

He just moved into a new bed upstairs with Adeline & John Michael and he's loving it. He sleeps less at night because John Michael and him are always playing and yelling and being silly but that means he's also taking longer naps. 

He's a tried and true daddy's boy.

He's a man boy at that. He prefers uncles to aunts and grandpas to grandmas. This kid loves him some testosterone.

He loves to jump on my bed and fall down and say boom.

John Michael's antics always make him laugh. 

He eats a banana every morning and few things get him as excited.

He's my baby... at least for the next few days... and I adore him.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Dead Snowman.

All year long Adeline has been wanting to build a snowman but as it would happen something always gets in the way. So, when it snowed, wet, packable, perfect snowman snow Sunday night we knew our mission for Monday was to build a snowman. 

Johnny & Addy dressed in their snow gear (John Michael was with my parents on a weekend trip) and headed out to build a snowman.  I was so happy that she finally got her snow dream that I knew I had to snap a couple of pictures.  Here's one of them with the finished product.

snowman web

I was a little nervous John Michael would come home and be jealous that he didn't get to make a snowman but when he arrived home he didn't mention it at all.  Later that evening we left to go somewhere and I saw, with dismay, that the snowman was in pieces all over the yard. "Oh, how sad! The snowman fell apart!" I said, to which Johnny replied: "No, Addy knocked it down." He explained that the snowman survived for a total of 5 minutes before Addy's next dream became to promptly knock it down.  She's an enigma.

And on the pregnancy front I'm one day shy of 39 weeks. 

pregnant web

At the beginning of my pregnancy my first trimester ultrasound gave me a due date of 2/27 but my midwife promptly changed it to 3/3 explaining that she thought 3/3 was more accurate and that I generally go late anyway. So, I've spent the last 6-7 months unsuccessfully convincing myself that I'm due 3/3 and not 2/27... which means that in about 4 days I'm going to think I'm due even though I'm not. And in 14 days I'm going to think I'm 10 days late when I'm really only 6 days late. :) So, I'm completely expecting Greyson to arrive on 3/9... 10 days after my original due date. :)

Meanwhile, I'll stay satisfied on my weird pregnancy indulgence: Wheat Grass!

grass web

And how 'bout it? I made an appearance on my own blog twice in one post!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Its not cold today.

Today we saw patches of grass under the snow. 
Today we went out in vests instead of coats.
Today I wore sunglasses while driving because we actually saw the sun.

Today feels like spring. 

I'm not getting my hopes up though because I know how devious and deceptive the midwest weather can be... but I can hope. 

brrr.... its cold