Tuesday, February 27, 2007

my camelgMi

My brother, Jason, sent Addy this camel for Christmas. She loves it.

My new friend

i love my camel!

Camel snuggles

Camel kisses

John Michael got a bear but I don't have any pictures of him with it. He loves to chew on it.

my chunker

watching elmo on mommy's bed.

Friday, February 23, 2007

growing like weeds

John Michael is growing up quickly.... Its so different with child number two because its going by so quickly! With Addy we were able to sit around and wait for every little thing to happen... with John Michael it seems like we turn around and he's doing something new!

For example, I started realizing (I'm a little slow noticing sometimes) that I would leave him in one place and find him in another.... therefore coming to the conclusion that he is nearing mobilty! Now I see him regularly turning in circles and scooting backwards. He is on his hands and knees some rocking back and forth so it could be soon I'll have one walking and one crawling around!

Here he is snuggling with my dad. He is so much more of a snuggler than Addy was... probably because we have never been as strict with his schedule as we were with Addy.

A couple of nights ago we were praying with Addy before she went to bed. When we finished Addy put her head down and said, "Jesus, help me obey. Amen." Johnny & I were floored! It was one of those parenting moments where you're so proud and so shocked that you almost want to cry or something. Wow, I sound so sappy!

All that praying will be helpful though in light of her recent bahavior. While Auntie Les was here (as well as the week before) Addy introduced us to "Evil Addy". haha... Seriously though she began throwing all out tantrums. Screaming, kicking, and the infamous rubber body reflex when you try to pick her up. So, its more time at home for the Hamstra's. We need to spend more time training and get over this hump... though my dad tells me the hump is about 15 years long. Guess if you want to hang out with us you're going to be coming here!

Hanging with Les was so nice though. We didn't do too much but just being together was nice. She is one of my best friends from college and one of the girls I keep up with the most now. She's an incredible girl - those of you who were able to meet her know that just from talking to her. It was so cool she was able to come out and visit. Thanks Les... I love ya!

And you might as well call us Grand Central Station! The Swarts are coming in town this weekend and I'm sure the kids are going to have a blast. I'm eager to see how Addy responds to Connor since she's into being bossy right now. In the past she's always deferred to him so it will be fun seeing how they play together this time!

I'll leave you with some pictures of my parents with the kids. Most of these are kind of old but still fun to look at!

Here is Bampa reading to the kids. Right after this picture was taken John Michael began reaching for the pages and Addy began saying, "No GaGa!" and insisting that he be put down.

Addy loves making tents with my dad. She has him put a sheet over a table and pulls him under there with snacks and books. She does this with Johnny's dad too but they have a real tent at their house.

Here is Addy telling me that me and my camera were not invited to her tent party.

and giggling with GG. GG always makes her laugh.

I just LOVE this vest. My mom got it for me from J. Crew. As soon as I saw it I fell in love with it. Its a size 3 so I'm banking on her wearing it two years in a row.

Making cookies with GG... notice the IU cheerleader outfit from my Dad. :)

And finally, the weather is finally in the 30's!! We've been enjoying this "spring" wave for the past week. Here are the kids getting ready for spring.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Not an eater.

Well, we decided to feed John Michael a couple of weeks ago and he wasn't that into it!

He was, however, into all the attention we were pouring out onto him.

At first I thought that the main reason he wasn't taking to eating very well was because he couldn't figure out how to keep the food in his mouth without spitting it out... but as it turns out practice is NOT making perfect.

How could you resist this cutie pie though?

Little Miss Porcupine was not thrilled about all the attention we were giving "Buddy" (Addy's new nickname for John Michael).. but when we began paying attention to her she played shy... which she is not.

We lured her out of her shell though. :)

Here's John Michael waiting for my dad to give him some more food.

To this day my dad holds the record for getting the most food successfully fed to him!

Align Center
Auntie Leeees is in town this weekend so we're busy making memories with her. Hope to post them soon!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

white out!

Well, we got dumped on, that's for sure!! I think we have over a foot but its hard for me to tell from inside. The drifts in our driveway are well past Johnny's knees. Addy is going to love it! He's already talking about taking her out.

Here are some pictures from the last time it snowed. She was too busy taking it all in to get many smiles out of her!

I really bundled her up. I borrowed my neighbor's little boy's snow pants, put three pairs of pants on her, two shirts, a fleece, a sweater, a vest and a coat, two hats, two pairs of mittens, two pairs of socks and some boots!

getting excited!!

Poor John Michael is too little to go out in weather like this (it was low single digits) so he got to stay in his exersaucer and watch Elmo....

Teaching Addy about the snow:

Open wide!

mmmm, i like it... but then again, what don't i like?

getting ready to go sledding, she doesn't know what she's in for!

looking a little wary

and they're off! She didn't crack a smile the entire time... but every time Johnny stopped she would say, "More More!" So, we are pretty sure she liked it!

She wasn't really crazy about walking in it though. She went right up to Johnny and say, "Up! Up Daddy!"

me and my girl

she loves her daddy

watch out!

Finally, a smile!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing how she responds now that we have so much more snow. Its almost comical how much we have! My friend just told me that she has over 3 feet and its still coming down hard. All those snow lovers are loving this!

Monday, February 12, 2007

The Superbowl party

Okay, I'm a bit behind on posting. I'm sorry to all of you who keep checking for posts! But, obviously, things get busy with two little ones... so here's some updates and I'll try to post more often this week!

We went to Shannon's parent's house for the sad event. It was fun even thought the Bears lost. :)

Getting ready to leave for the Superbowl.

Before we left my mom and dad decided it was time for Addy to learn how to use her piggy bank. here is a picture of my mom and dad giving her money.

hittin up on grandpa's bankroll


I could get used to this

My parents went to my grandparent's house for the Superbowl so they were in town with us right before we left.

go bearse

my little football thug

only a grandma could laugh with a baby thug

The kids at the party were all so cute dressed in their bears gear

and of course, as usual, adeline had a great time with her grandpa

John Michael... looking a bit dazed

At least the food was good!!