Wednesday, April 26, 2006

and she's off!

Sorry for the delays in posting - I've been in Tennessee and just returned last night... and I'm leaving in the morning for Atlanta. More on my trip to TN when I return!

Well folks, she's officially walking. A step here a step there but never on demand and never more than a couple... until now! Johnny (who has been eagerly awaiting this day) has been working with her - standing her in the middle of the room and holding his arms out to her. She usually smiles, plops down and crawls over but as you can see in the video she all of a sudden decided to walk over! Since this video she's done this several times. It won't be long now before her big bellied mama is chasing after her!

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Did we say Growing Family? We meant multiplying...

Just call us rabbits... no seriously! This family is gaining cousins and aunts and an uncle by the week! Joshy Hamstra asked his girlfriend Michelle Minuik to marry him!

Beth, Addy, Michelle and I at the end of our scavenger hunt.... Michelle didn't know it was the end.Surprise - this guy holds the last clue!

She said Yes!
The view on the pier.Addy was excited too!The other engaged Hamstra's!The Happy Couple with the sparkling ring... Princess Cut solitaire for you interested girls :)
We all had dinner together afterwards and Addy was all about these bunnies.
and all about these engagements. Celebrating with sweets is what she does best!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

experiencing the outdoors

Addy loves being outside... until it comes to the grass. I thought we might get some cute pictures of her sitting in this yard with all the pretty petals... but she clearly disagreed. She's warmed up to the grass a bit since we took these pictures but she still prefers to be grass free.

This last picture of Addy is cute because she was watching a video of her with my mom. When she heard my mom's voice her whole face lit up and she kept looking at Johnny & I in amazement with this big grin on her face!

Monday, April 24, 2006


Here are some pictures from Easter. The picture I am in is with my friend Elizabeth and her daughter Dominique who is five months older than Adeline.

The group picture I'm not in is a picture of Addy with some of my cousins. She was the star of our family feast. :)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Donnie & Shannon's Wedding

Addy & Uncle Donnie at the Rehearsal Dinner

Shannon & the flower girls

Pre-Ceremony Munchies.... who would've guessed??

Amy & I were two of three pregnant bridesmaids. I affectionately referred to us as "the marshmallows"

The Kotynski Women

Shannon & I

Addy with Auntie Jooge

Family Picture

Addy the ham, posing for the camera at the reception. We changed her poofy dress into a more functional white one.

"The Brudders"

Tarzan and Jane

Addy & Daddy

Everyone loves a pregnant bridesmaid.

Leaving the Church

Family Pictures

Zonked - What a Day!