Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2 months later

Grey 2 months web

Two short, sleepless months later and we simply could not imagine life without Greyson. He is such an easy baby. I am still surprised at how little he sleeps during the day but he has officially started sleeping through the night. My friend Rebecca is going to have to take the cake for the hardest baby #4... and I'll happily let her have it!

Greyson started smiling early.. maybe between 4 and 5 weeks. He started sleeping through the night around week 7. Its not every night but its more nights than not! He's avoided a stomach virus - even sleeping through the night with me while I had it! Sadly though, he does have his second little cold and is handling it like a champ. :)

There isn't much more to say! He survives all his sibling's violent affection, 
spends more time in his swing than I'd like to own up to, 
doesn't get bathed as often as he should, 
is beginning to enjoy his blanket,
smiles easily,
cries rarely,
and is the perfect addition to our family.

I'm planning on getting this one printed. :)

grey 2 months storyboard

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Nick, on the move!

Nicholas is 19 months. He hardly sits still these days! It makes it hard to get a non-blurry picture of him!

nick 19 months


1. Is my only green eyed child.
2. stands up in his high chair no matter how faithfully we train him.
3. Just started eating meat without complaint!
4. Calls his paci "Fwa-see go!"
5. Loves his b.
6. Won't let his brother and sister push him around.
7. Laughs at just about everything.
8. Keeps us VERY VERY busy.
9. Is average in height and weight.
10. Takes 4 hour naps - hallellujah.
11. Lights up this home with laughter and craziness.
12. Has shaggy, poorly cut hair.
13. Cries more than he needs to.
14. Calls bananas manas.
15. Warms my heart.