Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A New Day, A New Favorite

While these might not be Addy's favorite pictures of herself at the age of 18 I can't help but laugh when I look at them... they capture Addy in her glory... trying new food. And each day she tries something new she seems to develop a new "favorite." Sunday it was broccoli. She's eaten it every day since, raw and cooked. We aren't sure if its really the taste she likes or the texture... but our toothless wonder isn't letting ruffage stop her from moving on in the food world!

Here are some pictures from a few weeks ago of Addy playing in our room. More soon :)

Monday, January 30, 2006

my first pigtails & splash city

Again, thanks to Anna Kate's example we realized that Addy was ready for her first pigtails! After Elizabeth showed me some rubber bands that were good for her thin hair, and how to use them we took the plunge! Unfortunately Addy is learning at an early age that beauty can often mean pain... especially with an inexperienced mom yanking your precious few strands of hair in unusual ways!!

Bathtime has become a new experience for Addy... she has finally learned how to splash! This newfound talent has her running to the bathroom and standing up at the bath tub every chance she gets. I think this is her way of asking for another bath. I think she must miss her GG who gave her a bath every day. She's lucky now to get one every other day!

Unfortunately, while making her way to the bathroom she has disccovered the toilet and the toilet paper... I forsee many messes to come!!

Friday, January 27, 2006

messy monkey




Using our friend Anna Kate as an example... we are expanding Addy's diet. Since Anna Kate seems to love italian food (Em said she ate a whole peice of pizza the other night!) I thougt that would be a fun one to introduce. I forgot that spaghetti sauce stains!! But, needless to say, Addy LOVED it and I love that she can share what we're eating... though she is getting less and less content with her green beans and peas when she sees mommy & daddy eating anything different.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

no christmas card, no new years card, how about an easter card?

Well, I've officially dropped the ball on sending out any type of holiday card... unless of course I send out Easter cards. I'm sure Hallmark is hoping for Easter cards to get really hot but I'm not going to be the one to start the trend... So, enjoy these pictures of Addy in a Christmas hat as an alternative. :)

Addy likes opening and closing her bedroom door. Unfortunately, she often gets stuck behind it.... and if she doesn't get suck behind it she accidentally bangs herself in the head while playing. She's given herself a couple of bruises but nothing she doesn't quickly get over.

I particularly like these pictures because they show Addy's hair in her first official pony tail. I am incapable of putting her hair in those tiny rubber bands without permanently traumatizing Addy so I had my friend Elizabeth do it for me at Lisa's shower. Hopefully, after observing Elizabeth's refined skills I'll be able to do it more often :)

Monday, January 23, 2006

Chatty Addy's New Crush

Addy loves herself. But honestly, who doesn't? Isn't that why God commanded us to love others the way we naturally love ourselves? Well, if Addy puts that into practice in her own life she will be kissing everyone she meets. She loves to play "kiss the baby" when we hold her up to a mirror and lately I've found her crawling over to my bedroom mirror and initiating the game herself.

Our precious girl has just started a habit that I'm sure won't easily be broken... talking on the phone! She has figured out how to put the phone up to her ear and say "hello," in baby talk of course. If it isn't cute enough to see her putting her ear to the phone you should hear her version of "hello." I'm sure that's what she's saying because its the same incoherant sound every time she puts the phone up to her ear. I was trying to get her to do it for the camera but when I said, "Addy put your ear next to the phone she would lay down on it. silly gal.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

a musical match made in....

Well.. not heaven. Connor & Addy had a blast playing together on the piano. As a matter of fact when I took Addy away Connor looked at me and patted the seat next to him again because he wanted Addy to play some more! I wish I could say this was because they made beautiful music together... but, even with my limited musical talents, I must admit that it wasn't prodigy material.

One of Addy's new favorite things is to shake her head "no." I was pretty sure she didn't know what it meant but lately she has been doing it at all the right times... maybe its just her defiance coming out! She also does it when she's flirting with someone. She has a soft spot for dark haired, dark skinned men. Mexicans, African Americans and sometimes Asian. She LOVES them. Usually when she spots someone that fits this description she will smile and start waving as if they've known each other for ages. I love it because you rarely meet someone who doesn't love that a baby is infatuated with them.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mobile Addy

Here are some shots of Addy helping pack, enjoying one of her favorite foods and trying to walk...

Its official... she's mobile. When we left for Mexico about a month ago she was just figuring out how to crawl... but she didn't realize she could move from one room to the other. Now she is following me around the house all day long! I didn't realize how much I move from room to room until I had a noisy shadow!! (Em, can you believe she is just now into everything?)

Today we went on an early morning walk at 10:30 a.m. I say early morning because I had to drag Miss Addy's behind out of bed to go! She loves to sleep, especially in her own bed. Afterwards we spent some time at Connor's house and they had a ball playing the piano together. Pictures on that soon... they're on Kath's camera.

I don't think walking is too distant of a development. Crawling is working alright for our little girl but she prefers standing and moving alongside the furniture. Yesterday she even contemplated trying to get from our coffee table to the opposite couch where Johnny was calling her. In the end she plopped down her bottom and happily crawled her way over.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Don't worry, I won't get into the habit of posting without pictures. I know most of you only drop in to see the latest grin of our girl... But I haven't uploaded any new pictures recently.

We're HOME!! We've been home off and on over the past month but I plan on sticking around this time. I've been to Mexico, Atlanta and San Diego and I'm wiped out to say the least. My only defense is that I planned all these trips before I knew I was pregnant!

It never ceases to amaze me how much better Addy sleeps at home. She goes down for longer naps and sleeps through the night when we're home... But when we're gone its as if she is drinking starbucks out of a bottle! The girl does not like to sleep in pack and plays. She had a really hard time in Mexico but seemed to adjust better in Atlanta and San Diego. But nothing compares to home sweet home!

More soon, with picture I promise!

New**** I don't have new pictures but I will post some more from Mexico here.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


I have been tagged by my dear friend Leeeeeeees to post five random things about myself. Here goes:

1. I hate taking showers.
2. Nice handwriting is one of my passions. I analyze and overanalyze letters I get from people who have nice handwriting (especially Julie Wildman) to see if I can somehow recreate it.
3. I secretly pick my nose all the time... and I don't use a kleenex. Its something I can't help. when there is something stuck in your nose who has time to run and find a kleenex??
4. My husband cleans the bathroom. This started during my first pregnancy when just the thought of cleaning the bathroom made me dry heave. He has graciously and willingly continued with this chore just for the sake of blessing me.
5. I cut my own hair most of the time. Having curly hair means that you can't always tell if its uneven.

I tag Annette, David, Bipin, Beth (are we allowed to tag xanga-ers?), and "Suzie-Q!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

July 28

Its official, I'm pregnant... Not that we weren't sure before but now I've heard the heartbeat and seen the little peanut moving around in its warm, cozy home. I am about 11 1/2 weeks pregnant which makes me due July 28, 2006. I've been feeling much better than I did with Addy so despite the recurring nausea I have no complaints!

We just came back from a power planning weekend in Atlanta, hence the delayed posts. It was fun spending the weekend with my sister and her fiance, Adam. We chose and booked the church, reception hall, invitations, bridesmaid dresses, wedding day jewelry, flowers, favors, centerpieces AND had time to do some power shopping to decorate her new condo!! For those of you who have been involved with planning a wedding you know how much that takes!!! Needless to say, my mom and I are WIPED OUT, we left behind a very tired bride-to-be and brought home a happy, cheerful baby who got spoiled all weekend long!

You'll see in the following pictures a smiling engaged couple, a happy daddy with his girl and a spoiled baby getting her first full body massage. How ridiculous...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Feliz Navidad PART TWO

Here are some more pictures from our trip to Mexico. Addy and I leaving on Thursday to go to Atlanta for a long weekend and help Tara (my sister) with wedding plans. We're hoping she does better sleeping in Atlanta than she did in Mexico! Things here are good... we're taking things a little slow as I've been feeling a bit on the puny side but my mom and dad have been here and that's been nice. My dad left today to go back to work and we might not see him until June. Addy will particularly miss him. She really loved playing with him and insisted on grinning waving hello to him every time she saw him. More soon!