Friday, January 27, 2006

messy monkey




Using our friend Anna Kate as an example... we are expanding Addy's diet. Since Anna Kate seems to love italian food (Em said she ate a whole peice of pizza the other night!) I thougt that would be a fun one to introduce. I forgot that spaghetti sauce stains!! But, needless to say, Addy LOVED it and I love that she can share what we're eating... though she is getting less and less content with her green beans and peas when she sees mommy & daddy eating anything different.


Lisa said...

Too cute!

Anonymous said...

That doesn't look to bad - I've seen Anna Kate look messier after just having a piece of bread!

Addy - we're on your side....we're working on the ice cream - but we had to start somewhere...hope you enjoyed your spaghetti!

~Emilee & Anna Kate

Alison Sexton said...

If you want to know what the heavy weights are eating, Spencer had an appetizer of chicken nuggets (too hungry to wait for the pizza) a slice of pizza and two cin.bread sticks (I cut him off there, he could have gone for more!)

swart said...

welcome to the world of REAL FOOD Addy.

Did Kathy tell you Connor walks around the house going "Addy" "addy" very clearly. it's great!


Bipin Sen said...

isn't it amazing how fast kids grow up? we love having priya sit at the table and eat with us. and unlike you michelle, priya is going to *love* spicy food.. hehe...

Kathy Swart said...

Soon soon she'll use it as a hair product!!

Connor just saw this pic of Addy and shouted "ADDY".

doggywoggy said...

like father like daughter