Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The 3 Muskateers

My body has forgotten how to sleep... at night. :) Every night I have a hard time falling asleep and sleep fitfully until about 5 am... then I am like a ROCK until I absolutely have to get up in the morning. And I'm definitely not making public what time that is. :) I've trained my kids well.... Reason #45 for homeschooling? You don't have to get up early to get your kids to school on time!

Johnny & I saw New Moon tonight.... and wow. Um, wow. The movie was beyond terrible. I was actually laughing out loud during some of the intense scenes because they were so awful! Its disappointing because I enjoyed the books... the really sad part though is that I'll probably see the 3rd and 4th movie regardless of how bad I thought the first two were... :)

On a random note: Has anyone from this area made the long road trip to Orlando with small kids? We're playing around with the idea of driving it but its daunting... though not quite as daunting as the price of 4 plane tickets.

Weddings for 2010 are booking up. I'm about at my "limit." I try not to take more than one wedding a month so with maternity leave this year that is really limiting me! I've had to say no to several people already - which makes me sad. I LOVE doing weddings. You can see my most recent one on my photography blog.

I think our most exciting family news recently has been the birth of my new nephew, Carson! He is so precious. I had the privilege of being there when he was born and photographing him when he was just days old - thanks to my brother-in-law Adam who flew me out as a gift for my sister. :)

Here's a little sneak peek but I'll be posting more pictures of him soon. :)

Carson blog

And here's a little snappy of my kiddies. As you can see Nick's gaining weight! I think we've been a little lax with his diet because he was always so skinny... time to cut back on the sweets kid. :)

3 muskateers

Monday, December 28, 2009

My only girl.

Its funny how the timing of information makes all the difference in how you respond to it.  Just a little over a week ago I found out that our 4th baby is going to be another boy.

And I cried.

Okay, I kind of cried a lot.

I laugh about the timing now because had I started with three boys and just found out I was having a girl I'd be DELIGHTED. ECSTATIC. Beside myself!!

I don't think I even realized how deeply I was hoping to have another girl until I found out. Its not really that I prefer having girls over boys... its really just that I wanted Adeline to experience the joys of having a sister as well as the joys of having a brother. I have a sister I adore and love and couldn't imagine life without and I wanted that for her too. However, since this is more than likely our last natural child (okay Johnny - DEFINITELY our last natural child :)) I knew that unless the Lord brings her a sister through another route that she would be a princess amongst stinky boys. :)

Its okay. I know some of you are cringing right now thinking, "Oh, how sad! I hope that little boy  never reads this blog!" But the truth is A.) He probably won't. and B.) Even if he does by then he should know how incredibly happy I am that he's a boy and that he's mine. :)

The original plan was to wait and be surprised to find out what we were having - but in the end I'm glad I know. Already I can't imagine this little boy being a girl.... and its given me that many more weeks to savor the fact that Adeline will be my only one. My only daughter. My only little girl to train in the wonders of femininity. My princess.

And WOW has it transformed the way that I treat her. I look at her differently. I appreciate her in a new way. I savor her in new ways too... I cherish the memories I'm creating now of her playing with her Lucy lambs, of her playing in her doll house... of her bossing around her brothers (though I'm sure those memories will remain fresh throughout all of our lives... hehe). And I'm glad to know. I'm glad I can use these last weeks before this new little guy is born to savor her femininity because each stage is one I'll never witness again.

She's our joy and our delight... and she'll be the family princess for life. :)

And with intimidating looks like this I'm sure she'll be helping me whip this house full of boys into shape in no time. :)

big trouble mister

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Boy & His Bath

This little man LOVES his bath! He especially loves it if he can take a bath with his brother and sister. :) If he has to be the first one out everyone on the block hears about it. :)

Here's a little "snapshot" of bath time with little Nick-O.

Nick storyboard web