Thursday, December 29, 2005

Feliz Navidad

We are officially back from our Worthington family vacation in Manzanillo, Mexico, (luggage and all). As you can see we had a great time. Addy had a bit of a hard time adjusting for the first few days. I think the heat and the pack and play were the two main culprits. She didn't like the ocean much (as you can see) but she eventually got used to it as long as someone was holding onto her tightly. The pools weren't heated so it was a bit of a shock for her at first but she grew to love it. Daddy & GG took her in several times a day.

Besides swimming in the ocean Addy started a couple of new things while in Mexico. She started drinking out of a straw, trying new food and eating like a pig. Up to this point she was only eating one meal a day... by the time we left Mexico she was eating three meals and three snacks per day! Most of this is due to the fact that one of her GG's new passions in life includes feeding her granddaughter... as if she isn't chunky enough. The bathings suits you see on this 9 month old gal are size 2T!!!

More pictures and more stories soon. Feliz Navidad!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

back from the dead

I wish I had some exciting reason why I've neglected posting for so long but the truth is that my mom came into town right about the same time I started really feeling sick... so I've taken total advantage of her kind, gracious and doting motherly and grandmotherly qualities by lying in bed all day long while she cooks, cleans and cares for Adeline. Thanks Mom.

I'm posting some pictures of the Leep's Christmas party last week. Luckily I was feeling great that night and we all had a great time!

More pictures of "Daddy's Addy" soon.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

sick as a dog

i'm writing this during one of my good moments... the new baby is wreaking widespread destruction on my stomach. keeping my weight up is a major priority right now if i want to continue to nurse addy (which i do) but keeping food down has become my new obstacle.

fortunately, my grandma spend the day at my house helping me prepare for my mom's arrival tomorrow (by cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and buying me lunch!) and enabling me to rest while she played with addy. then, johnny's mom stopped over to help me put dinner together. i am well taken care of. please pray that my milk supply will stay strong and that the nausea would not... :)

here are some pictures of addy with her adoring uncles and with her grandma on her grandma's birthday. also, a few of addy after bathtime feasting on my book.

more when i'm able to

Friday, December 02, 2005

Addy loves to change the sheets!

While Johnny & I were changing the sheets on our bed we decided it might be fun for Addy if we laid her on the bed and threw the sheets up and down over her face. Of course she wouldn't stay on her back but we did it anyway and she loved it! here are some pictures.

I love the pictures after these too because they capture Addy's personality. The one of her with her hand on her head is her scratching her head. I wish you guys could see her do this, its hysterical. She slaps her hand against her head and then makes a fist, opens up, makes a fist, opens up and that's her version of scratching. Everyone who sees it just laughs and laughs at her. She's done that for a while now.

Today is Johnny's mom's birthday and we're on our way out the door to celebrate. She's going to get her very own digital camera (and doesn't know yet!). She loves taking pictures of her family and this will make her passion a bit more economical. :)

Hope you're all enjoying the blog!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Our escapee and her Christmas tree

Our precious girl has learned how to get on her knees and hold onto the bars of her crib! Unfortunately, when I went into her room this morning and found her in this position she, in her excitement to see me, lifted up her arms to reach for me, forgetting that she was on her knees, and fell face first into the side of her crib. It was one of my first parenting moments when I fought the urge to laugh hysterically and instead poured out compassion for her pain and shock.

She entertained DD, Josh, Johnny & I during dinner with her new trick. Holding her hands together above her head and throwing them down and up and down and up. Here is a picture of her waiting to throw them down again.

We put up our Christmas tree. I'm convinced that I'm the world's worst Christmas decorator. I dread it every year! Call me Scrooge but I think its way more work than its worth. BUT, I know that Johnny loves it and Addy will love the tradition and so as long as I can't convince him to buy a prelit fake tree we'll go through the sappy, messy, painful process. Here is a picture of Johnny & Addy enjoying the result.