Monday, April 30, 2007





Man, I love that game!

And some other shots of our precious girl.

How big is Addy?

giggly gal

belly laughs


on a mission

dazed and confused

our adorable adster pie


Kathy said...

TOTALLY cute always

amy maples said...

michelle, when the kids are a little bit older and you don't have your hands so full you have to do some photography on the side!!!!!

Tara Sasser said...

It is hard to get a bad picture when your kids are so stinkin cute! Looks like Addy had GG's outfit on while shoping, go figure!

ME said...

disgustingly cute, you know? especially with the tails!

-Scott J.

"wami" said...

great shots as usual! =) ah that girl just melts my heart...

Bipin Sen said...

Michelle, I'm with Amy - I think you should consider doing something with that camera and your skills. I think your shots come more from your skill as a photographer than having a really nice camera!

bampa said...


Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Hey stranger! Love the pics and what a sweet little jacket!

We'll have to get together soon, k?


Tim and Clair said...

It totally looks like a picture from People! There's Addy out shopping with mommy! Ya know? Too cute!