Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Easter with the Hamstras!

Easter was a blast this year. Adeline loved all of the festivities surrounding the holiday.

The week before Easter Johnny's cousin and his family were in town so we celebarted Easter early by coloring Easter eggs.

Rachel (almost 4) and Addy decorated them together outside since the weather was so nice.

Easter Eggs!

Let's get started!


What a pretty egg!

But not as pretty as I am!

Almost done!

Sweet girls

Um... wow. the eggs are dyed.

Guess I'll pick my nose now.

Let's go to the park now mommy!

The many faces of Adeline.

Swinging with Daddy

This slide is staticky.

Hi Rachel!


John Michael and Flora weren't quite as active.

All that playing outside made us ready for a bath!

and a story with Mr. Tommy (Johnny's cousin)

Here's their middle girl, Flora. She's a sweetie.

We had such a blast with the Buursma's. They are missionaries in the Phillipines and are such down to earth, real people who love God with all their heart and it shows in all they do. We only wish tickets to the Phillippines weren't so expensive so we could visit them!!

More soon. :)


Tara Sasser said...

Those are wonderful pictures, glad you had a great visit with Johnny's cousins!

Tim and Clair said...

I love the many faces of Adeline! Very cute! You can totally see her personality :>)

The Hruby's said...

I love the pictures of Addy and John Michael. They have to be the biggest ham bones!!!

Bipin Sen said...

Really cute pictures. Isn't it amazing how the weather was so nice around Easter, and then became cold with snow! Oh well.. at least now summer is here...