Wednesday, March 04, 2009

nick vs john michael

For those of you who have said you don't think Nicholas is a dead ringer for John Michael here's a side by side of them at the same age.  

One of these pictures is John Michael, the other is Nicholas.  If you're not shy, come out from behind Google Reader and take a stab at which is which.  

Exhibit A

Exhibit B


Suzanne said...

I vote that A is John Michael....mainly because the 2nd picture is a better shot. You've improved in the two years. :)

Emilee Stanley said...

Yea, Nicholas is for sure the B baby. But they do look alike!

Leslie Bowden said...

A is JM
B is Nick

I still don't think they look alike. Nicholas' eyes are so different to me.

swart said...

Yup, i think A is JM.

David (coming out from behind google reader)

Cassy said...

A is definitely JM
B is Nicholas

They do look so much alike though!

Shannon said...

Donnie says for sure A JM and B Nick! I had a harder time, I'm thinking he's right though.