Thursday, January 15, 2009

According to its a biting -12 outside with a feels like temperature of -31. I don't think I've ever been so cold! Nipsco must be in heaven. So, with these icy conditions I thought it'd be fun to post some pictures of Adeline's ICE blue eyes. Everywhere we go she gets complimented on her eyes and I must admit that they're pretty phenomenal. :) Now our mission os to understand that while God gave her truly beautiful eyes, that the kind of beauty she should work on accentuating doesn't require mascara, but God's Word applied in her life! But meanwhile I'll be happy capturing these traffic stopping eyes on film. Who knows how long they'll last!

Mixchevious Blue Eyes

Laughing Blue Eyes

She was, shockingly, not that into me taking her picture. When you tell her something she doesn't like she does this really funny face where she closes her eyes almost completely, gets straight faced and kind of glares at you through her lashes. This is the face, halfway.


"Wink Eye" (Addy coined the name of this face herself.

Surprised face

Then, all of a sudden she decided to do an arabesque. She just up and told me, "Now I'm going to perform an aerobesque!" Neither of us actually know what that is (at least I don't anyway!). Maybe she learned it from her Aunt Michelle who is a remarkable ballerina!

And, as you can see, vanity hasn't been completely mutilated in her little heart. She still adores looking at herself in the mirror. :)


CJ, Lori, and Princess Triniti said...

Gorgeous eyes!! And I love the faux hawks below.

Tara Sasser said...

Those are wonderful pictures Michelle!

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Wow! Are these SOOC too? Her eyes *are* gorgeous!