Thursday, January 08, 2009


Shockingly, these pictures were taken TODAY!

I often think of how I should play catch up but knowing that I never will I've decided just to post whatever is recent and leave the past the past. Eventually I would like to put Christmas pictures up as well as a video of the kids thinking they were seeing Santa... hehe But until then, enjoy day one of John Michael's unofficial potty training (if I make it official then I have to actually be consistent but right now our lives are a bit too busy to make the full plunge.)

I tried for some pictures of all three kids in my bed.

Addy & Nicholas were loving cuddling... UNTIL

The monster brother joined them.

John Michael must've done something painful to Nicholas because he lost it FAST.

"Three kids in a bed gone bad."

And Addy was so cute talking to Nicholas and comforting him.

"Little Mama"

I thought I'd sneak a picture of myself in....

"Self Portrait."

For some reason the kids REALLY wanted to take a picture of themselves sleeping.

Because Nick was so upset I laid him down in his cradle with his paci. I fully expected this to fail and fail quickly... but when I put him down he went right to sleep!

How can this be comfortable?

Hopefully the new year will bring a new comittment to blogging. I really do think this whole photography biz stuff keeps me from sharing pictures because I always feel like they have to be works of art! Well forget it, if I can make something cool and pretty I will.... but if its P&S (point and shoot :)) then that's fine too. :)

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