Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Well, we decided on the cow for John Michael. I was all gung ho about making the Eat Mor Chikin sign but in the end I just didn't get around to it :( They both looked adorable though!

All of our little pumpkins. :)

What's trick or treat?

Moo. I mean boo. I mean... milk. yah, milk.

The antennaes didn't last.

brudder & sissy

Go Go Gadget Wings!

Some might say this is what God thinks of Halloween. :)

enjoying the fruits of her labor.

Family Pictures

Both of our parents were able to see the kids all dressed up. My parents drove down from Racine to go trick or treating with us and Johnny's parents came over when the trick or treaters were done coming for the night. It was a cold night but not rainy like last year so we were happy! Adeline enjoyed herself and got a sugar rush very quickly and we were all laughing at her while she talked like a crazy girl while walking down the street.

We missed our good friends Connor & Abigail but trust they had a great time in their neck of the woods!

Hope everyone had a fun October 31... no matter how you spent it!


Bipin Sen said...

i'm still puzzling over the god picture. are those in the picture? or edits? looks cool though. and yea.. i think god would agree.. ;-)

hehe.. just kidding. i remember writing about this in your blog last year. i wish we still had the hallelujah parties at the church. now that would have been fun.

Tara Sasser said...

Looks like the Hamstra/Worthington clan had a great time! Kids looked adorable...not sure when you found time to decorate the pumpkins but they were cute too!
You should have dressed up as SUPER MOM!!!!

Michelle said...

No, it was a slow shutter speed to accomodate for the lack of lighting... those are street lamps that are streaked throughout the photo!

Kathy said...

We missed you guys too, we have to make it next year!!! I ended up taking Connor dressed in his tux, will tell you more later...it was quite the experiance!

Yor kiddies are just TOO cute!!!