Wednesday, November 01, 2006

fall festivities

For the second year in a row we took Adeline to a pumpkin patch/petting zoo around Halloween time. Her passion for animals has not ceased! It was only the promise of a "park" that kept her from breaking down when we finally left the petting zoo. Here she is enjoying the animals!

Getting her to smile was a chore though. Good thing she's cute whether she smiles or not!!

The many faces of our porcupine:

Meanwhile John Michael was snoozing away! Little did he know we were about to wake him up for some cute brother sister pictures:

Little did we know he chose not to cooperate and sleep through them!!


Like any little man though he woke right up when it was time to sit on the John Deer tractor. Of course we had to take some pictures to show Uncle Trav & Auntie Meems!

She's driving already!?

That looks like fun! When is it my turn?

what have I gotten myself into??

Just call me John Deere. Or John Michael... whatever.

My mom and dad were actually able to join us! The distance between here and Racine isn't a short trek but its much shorter than across the Atlantic!

Check out this kids flower power. (I couldn't narrow it down he just looks so cute in all of them!)

The power runs out (See him falling over?)

weighing in at a hefty 32 pounds.

Family Pictures... once again John Michael conked on us. The boy just can't keep up!

And finally, Adeline politely requesting that we be "all done".

Coming soon... pictures of John Michael ROLLING OVER! Woo-hoo! Today was the first day I saw him do it... and probably the first time I've put him on his belly in two weeks (woops...)! So, we celebrated by bringing him to the movies. He loved it :)

Bye for now!


Bipin Sen said...

movies? what... huh? you took him to the theater? wow. it's still amazing to me how completely laid back john michael is. what a personality! it's great. i'm sure it's such an experience for you to have such different kids.

i'm so glad your parents are around now. the swarts and i are jealous! i can sorta figure out the answer to my question that i never heard from you on - where your parents are going to be living... what's in racine? your dad's new job?

Mr. or Mrs. Smith said...

Ohhh, these are some of the best pictures you have ever posted. I love them.
Cute kids and fun family memories.

amy maples said...

AWESOME pictures--so cute. Sadie hasn't been to the movies yet--JM is a lucky guy! =)

Tara Sasser said...

Those are the cutest pics, I really like John Michael's hat.

Kathy said...

Next year we will be there, and all 4 will be admiring the animals. It brought a tear to my eye seeing the pics! Ofcourse they are wonderful pics.

Shonna said...

Michelle, you take great pictures and your kids are SO cute! Excellent combo!!! And... I love the fall! I almost wish it could be all year (but then I think of summers and the lake and green and warm, and snowy hills and sledding... I guess I was jk). I also agree that JM's hat is great! Can't wait to see the great JM's rolling over fiesta...

Jozy said...

I love John Michaels hat!! That's awesome that he keeps that thing on!

sam said...

michelle those pictures are waayyy too cute!! (as if it's new news). You are my inspiration to take lots of pictures when I one day have kids. i love your kiddies!!!!!!!

Bipin Sen said...

hehe.. it may seem like i have more dots, but your total visitor count is about 4% more than mine. ;-)

Anonymous said...

okay...between the halloween picts and these have sooo many cute ones!!!

that little JM is a little stud-muffin! how cute is he?!!! oh and Addy...the cuttest halloween costume EVER!!!


Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Hey Michelle! I am way behind on blog reading, but I loved these pictures! I just LOVE fall outside pictures. What petting zoo did you go to? I would love to take my kids somewhere like that if it wasnt too far away. :)

david said...

Great Pics Michelle ... must be the camera ;-)


Aimee said...

Addy is the cutest little girl. What I like best, is that you capture all of her emotions. If my kids are crying, then I simply don't take the picture. The one of Addy crying is just so cute!! And John Michael is adorable. He seems like a very laid back kid. I can't believe you took him to the movies. You are a brave girl!!!

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Too bad its closed! Oh well...
Hey, Id love to get together. Maybe we can talk about a time at Bible study tomorrow.
And, I actually have less than FIVE weeks left... until my due date, that is. May be more like six until the actual birth, though! ;)
BTW, I just love both of your kids hats in these pics! :)