Tuesday, November 07, 2006

rolling over!




John Michael rolled over on November 1 - just over three months. Adeline was about the same age but I think he's stronger. He hadn't had any tummy time in about two weeks so I was pretty surprised!

did I do that?

my little man :)

check out this belly.

John Michael is weighing in at a little less than 17 pounds. Probably 16 1/2 (according to my scale at home). The funny thing is he doesn't look nearly as chunky as Addy did because he's so long!

Here are some cute pictures of John Michael & Addy watching Elmo. Yes, Addy looks zoned.

Coming soon: John Michael's dedication

PS Boys DEFINITELY fart way more than girls - from BIRTH!!


Trill said...

The farting comment is pretty funny! I have nothing to compare it to but Weston does fart. I love his eyes! The 4th picture down really shows them. That's great that he's rolling!

Kathy said...

yes i agree with the gas comments!!! He is a Worthington (i still c your brother!).

Weldone on dedicating him, we still need top dedicate Abigail. Our excuse is David's folks will be in town when we do!

Bipin Sen said...

roll over beethoven! that song's stuck in my head now.

boy - don't addy and jm look like the picture of contentment. so happy to be in each other's company. ;-)

amy maples said...

i can't imagine how much boys fart if it's more than girls, cuz sadie is always tootin'!

Lisa said...

I LOVE that second photo of the kids watching Elmo. Julia prefers watching football. Thank goodness for tivo.

Aimee said...

I can't believe he's rolling over already! That's awesome! He's getting so big.

And YES, boys definitely fart way more than girls! :)