Sunday, September 17, 2006

Trip to the Hospital and some bathtime fun

We had quite the adventure this afternoon. Yesterday Adeline got unusually fussy. She was crying pretty hard from about three in the afternoon unil she went to sleep and then woke up in the same terrible state this morning. I figured she might be teething (we don't know much about teething symptoms since she only has five) and dragged her off to church. I considered staying home but I had a committment at church so off we went.

While at church Dabo took her out of the service and let her play a bit. I didn't want to put her in the nursery in case she was sick. While he was out there he began to notice that she wasn't using her right arm. Sure enough, she wouldn't raise her arm, lift anything or even grip your hand if you put it in her hand. She just hung it limply against her side. After consulting with some nurses at church we decided it was best to take her into the urgent care facilities by our house.

We got in pretty quickly and the pediatrician on call examined her and preceded to explain to us that it seemed she has "subloxation of the radial head" or "nursemaid's elbow." Click the link for more information on this condition. This happens when an arm has been pulled too hard and the two bones that connect at the elbow are separated. Its quite painful but can be corrected immediately by the doctor. So, he "fixed" her and sent us on our way! She seems much better now. Her elbow is still a big swollen but we're anticipating a full recovery and plan on being extra careful with our precious girl.

Enjoy these pictures of her NOT crying :)

Mohawk gal.

bathtime animals

Our little cubby bear

Adeline just LOVES reading these days!! Here's Daddy reading to his kiddies.

Our little stinker wearing her daddy's shoes.

and snuggling with her brother.

And since its Sunday..... Go Bears!! :) (this outfit is 6/9 month)

More soon!


Bipin Sen said...

who are these hooligans that you let your daughter play with? ;-)

ouch. that sounds pretty painful. christy klippel always jokes about how she can fix a nursemaid's elbow in a jiffy. too bad she wasn't around.

Trill said...

Oh Michelle...that must have been a little "scary". I am so glad it was just a quick and easy procedure to "fix" the problem. The name makes it sound like a disease! My whole body clenched up when you described it.

John Michael makes the funniest faces to me. I love the picture of the bath towels. I'll pray, right now, for little Addy's arm!

Anonymous said...

That used to happen with my nephew Noah often. Anytime someone would in any way pull his arms. Finally a nurse showed my brother how to fix it, since they were at urgent care so many times. He has outgrown it now. If you want to have my brother show Johnny, I am sure he would. Sorry Addy (and her family) had to deal with her being hurt. Also thank you for dinner, everyone loved it.
Michelle T.

Joy Smith said...

Oh, poor Addy! I am glad she is feeling better;-)

Kath said...

Sorry to hear about your little porcupine. I am glad to hear she is feeling better...poor thing!

Hey what are you feeding your son, growth hormones? (just kidding) He is growing and got super milk.

Kath said...

PS I like the size of these pics.

Tara Sasser said...

Glad Addy is okay, I think her Tia Tara was more worried that her mom was!

John Michael may be playing for the Bears if he keeps growing the way he is!

What was life like before Blogging....?

Amy Maples said...

I'm SO GLAD to hear she's okay. That was crazy.

JM is HUGE! I think he's bigger than Sadie and she's 18 weeks now!!!

Cooper Family said...

Karis has struggled with the same problems with her arms too. She hasn't done it in a while, but it is always sad when she does. Hopefully she has outgrown it.

Sorry Addy had that happen...

Anonymous said...

you need to get that boy a steelers outfit! We have Big Ben, you can have Big JM.
I am glad to hear that all is well with Addy.
Have fun on your trip next week. I am SOOOOO jealous!
Take care,

stephanie said...

Why does Addy always have a pickle? Maybe that is what is wrong with her arm?