Tuesday, September 05, 2006

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For those of you who can't comment its because we switched over to the "beta blogger" system.

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Addy loves Ajai. So far she has one girl cousin (Sadie) and one boy cousin (Ajai).... all we need now is a cousin on the Worthington side!! ::ahem, Tara::

Here is Ajai from our trip to the splash pad a couple of weeks ago:

and holding John Michael at his house for dinner last week. He did a great job holding JM and Addy loved playing with him all night.

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Adeline still gives "doggy kisses" with her mouth wide open and her tongue hanging out... unfortunately when she went to give John Michael a kiss the other day she was also eating a green pepper.

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Feeling ambitions last week (and in a massive hurry) I bathed them both at the same time. I put Addy in the bathtub and washed her off and then while she was playing I bathed John Michael in the sink. I thought it was a crazy idea but it ended up working out wonderfully! I think I'll do it more often.

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John Michael holds his head up quite a bit when you're holding him on your shoulder. Tummy time isn't quite as consistent with holding his head up but he's so curious when he's up on our shoulder that he's constantly looking around.

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We've affectionately nicknamed this next expression as "The Look." She is giving it more frequently now.... sometimes when she's angry or annoyed but also when she's concentrating.

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Pardon the booogers but I thought this picture made him look chunky. He's not really that chunky but we are amazed at how long he is. His 0-3 clothes are going into storage every time we do laundry.

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Addy's downtime usually consists of reading books but she was so crabby the other day I put an Elmo DVD on my computer. She doesn't see TV nearly as much since we put the TV that was on the main level upstairs. She was mesmerized.

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More soon!!


sam said...

michelle i love the picture of addy reading! your right it is the cutest/funniest thing ever!! my how i love that girl :)

Joy Smith said...

Oh, these are great pictures!
Your kids are getting big;-)

Bipin Sen said...

ahem. my "fault"? hehe... happy to help! :-)

gimme a break. your sister just got married.. did people start bugging you about kids a week into your marriage? ;-)

Trill said...

John Michael is so strong! That's great! I can't believe how long he is-crazy. He must take it from the Hamstra side?
Addy looks like she has really taken to her brother!

Lisa said...

Ahhh... too cute. I LOVE the bubble bath photos. And the 'food kiss' picture takes the cake, err pepper.

Tara Sasser said...

Thank you Bipin! Man I thought my new mother-in law was bad, now my own sister! Don't worry Addy and John Michael, you will have cousins as soon as your mom and dad move down south so we can be closer!

Anonymous said...

Cute pics! JM definitly looks like you Michelle. - Kath