Thursday, February 02, 2006

My girl & her pearl

Get your microscopes out kids, on the left hand side of Addy's mouth you can see the beginnings of her first tooth!!! Its been a waiting game for... well.... her entire life as to when this first pearly white would appear but as my old doctor kindly reminded me, "Well, Michelle, its not as if she won't ever have teeth." If she would've realized the realm of foods teeth would open her up to I'm sure she would've popped those suckers out sooner.

Here are some pictures of Addy at a staff birthday lunch for Jeni & Todd C. It was her first balloon discovery which thankfully pacified her after scary Mr. Prince made her cry :)

Last, but not least here are the pictures some of you read about on Kathy's blog. Connor & Addy had a great time at dinner the other night. He read her books, they took another stab at playing duets on the Hamstra family piano & he drove her around in the little car we borrowed from him. He's going to be such a good big brother (and soon!).


Trill said...

Is she in animal print? Michelle- you are too cute! Does she have a leather purse and black heals that are squared off at the toe to go with it? Good talking to you the other day- love you. Trill.

swart said...

Cool ... a tooth ... i can't see it, but i believe you ! hehe!

yippee ... i bet she gets 10 in the next two weeks.

ShellBell said...

Cogratulations Addy on your first tooth!!! You and Connor look so cute playing together. I think you too should start a band! LOL Have a wonder day!

Kathy Swart said...

You go Addy! We have been waiting for that one to come out.

The pics of Addy and Connor are just too adorable. I think their love hate relationship is changing into a love love relationship!

Michelle said...

Kath.. I think you're right but I'm afraid it will soon switch back into a love hate relatinoship. This time Addy will be the one loving Connor and Connor will be so annoyed with "that annoying little girl" who always wants him to play dolls. hehe

mom and dad said...

She is such a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the balloon pix. But I especially love the food pictures. That girl loves to eat. I think you aptly named her as "Fatty Addy".