Wednesday, February 22, 2006

addy at axis

Not only does Addy have her family wrapped around her little finger.. the high school kids love her too. When I bring Addy to youth group there's always a willing set of arms to hold her and play with her (guys & girls included!) Here is a picture of Addy with melanie & lister. she also sees these girls every week at small group so they're no strangers!

i wish i could upload video of addy on here (i know there is a way but its too high tech for me) because the picture of her in the pink pjs standing up with Lucy was really a picture of her DANCING! She LOVES to dance. As soon as she hears music both hands go into the air and she "raises the roof." She also likes to stand up next to our chair and bounce up and down with one hand in the air. Yesterday at church she was having a blast clapping along with the music (well, kind of with the music...). Maybe there is some musical talent there after all!

Finally, here are a few shots of Addy as we see her most often these days... climbing up our legs! She knows how to let us know she wants us to pick her up. She'll crawl right over to me or Johnny, pull herself up into standing position and then bang on our legs until we comply. Aahh, toddlerhood is on the horizon!


Bipin Sen said...

michelle, one way to load videos could be too load them to your sbc homepage (i don't know how much space you get), and then link it. you can also get a gmail account and upload your videos to

cute pics!! addy looks adorable.

swart said...

hey michelle ... bipin ... nice pics michelle. i like the one in the previous blog too ... really cute.

i miss blogging like i used to.

Anonymous said...

Addy is so hilarious at axis!