Saturday, June 09, 2007

Future Fish - Get in Gear!!

I need to get in gear and start posting these pictures that are OLD!!

I'm determinded to do everything I can to help my kids love swimming. I was never crazy about being in the water all the time but the moms that I know whose kids love the water say that summertime is always a blast and the kids get tons of exercise. So, thanks to Tia Tara who bought Addy swim lessons for her birthday, Addy is learning!

At first she seemed like a natural. She's been swimming before but this was the first time this year (other than swim lessons) and she's at the age where you never know just how they will respond.

The place we stayed at had an awesome kids pool that she could run around in. It had multiple levels (due to underwater hills) and fountains that the kids loved.

John Michael didn't need any lessons. He LOVED the water from the start.

He liked to just sit in the water and splash and watch the other kids for as long as we'd let him... or until he got hungry or sleepy.


He never really tried to get on his belly and crawl... which looking back is surprising. He's such a good baby!!

"Its bright out here mommy!"

"Good thing I have these cool sunglasses and matching hat to help me see. Thanks GG!"

"Don't forget about my cool sunglasses and matching hat Mom!"

In our passionate pursuit to make sure the kids loved the water we encountered one major setback. Addy fell into the deep end of the pool. She was a bit traumatized for a while and almost refused to get back in... but we made sure she stayed in and fought her fear and by the end of the day she was jumping right back into Daddy's arms.

We brought a little innertube thing for John Michael to play in but he couldn't seem to stay sitting up in it. Addy, who is at the stage where she wants everything that is John Michael's (including his high chair!), surprised us by getting in the innertube and LOVING it! She swam this way quite a bit.

Both kids had a blast but I don't know how we would've done it without my mom being there! She would take one kid while both of us manned the other... It was so nice having her with us! At the end of each day she would stay in with the kids while Johnny & I went out to the hot tub or just got a break away from the condo. Thanks Mom!

.... but to be honest I don't think it was all sacrifice. She absolutely enjoyed the kids and they loved having their GG there! After all, she spoils them rotten!!

Here are some other shots of the kids that I love.

This series is entitled "Sunblock slobber"

Part I

Part II

Daddy is a water toy. (notice how addy isn't thrilled about John Michael joining her!)

Now Daddy is a horsey!

I love my mommy!!

I love my daddy!!

Pool kisses.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip:

My little diva.

After long days in the sun we were all WORN OUT! The kids did a great job throughout the day but they didn't sleep so well at night. At one point I almost laughed out loud... but I was too tired to! One would fall asleep just as the other started crying... and consequenly wake up the other one. It was like trying to pound the gopher's heads down at Celebration Station (though a bit less violent!). But Adeline, the stinker, found a way to sneak herself into GG's bed a couple of times.

It was one of the best vacations we've been on. Its more and more surprising to experience the joy of watching your children have fun. We're looking forward to a lifetime of it!


Kathy said...

Nice to see everyone enjoying themselves. So funny, Connor did the same thing in Mexico with the flotation tube, Abi didn't want to go inside, so Connor did and went all around the pool in it!

amy maples said...

i can't believe both A & JM just sit there and let you put sunglasses on them!!! That's great! Sadie will not keep hers on for 1 second!