Friday, March 30, 2007

Addy's Birthday Party

This past Saturday we had a family birthday party for Adeline. To make it a bit more convenient for everyone time-wise we decided to do a breakfast party from 10-12 so that everyone's day wasn't taken up by a mid-day party (not that that's bad but we thought it would be a nice change.) Sadly some of our favorite family members weren't able to make it but we still had a blast and I was so grateful that my cousins made the trip out. They are the life of the party with their constant smiles and funny anectdotes. :)

Addy was more than happy to eat a big breakfast. Its become her favorite meal of the day! Here she is with a giant #2 balloon behind her while she waits for her food to be cut up.

Excited for a good breakfast.

With all the busyness she got a little help eating from Aunt Terri. Usually she refuses help but Aunt Terri must've had some favor with her!

The theme was "Elmo" so my mom found an Elmo cake pan. I made the cake but she did all the decorating! Addy loved it.

Is it possible that GG loves birthdays more than Addy? I think so.

Well we at least know GG likes the hats better than Addy did!

Shannon brought a date.... who wouldn't want Frank as a date?

Lindsey really did bring a date. It was nice to meet this "Nathan" guy that I've seen on her facebook!

John Michael did great until it was time for a nap. Surprisingly TuTu was able to get him to sleep despite the noisiness!

Party pictures

Mom Hamstra, Dabo Hamstra & Auntie Donna (Not a great picture... but it shows they were there!)

Shannon & me (wow, I just realized how excited Shannon is to be there... haha she's gonna love me for posting this!)

Johnny & Donnie

Addy wasn't quite as into her cake as she was last year. She was a bit shy and overwhelmed by us singing Happy Birthday to her. She kind of looked down the whole time.

But I think blowing out the candle was a bit more exciting for her. Can you tell?

Digging into the cake with her hands was a bit hard for her to do... she's SUCH a girl! So, she found an alternative way to taste test it.

And seemed quite pleased with the outcome

"Wow, does Mommy really know I'm eating this cake??"

"I guess it doesn't matter!"

Sharing is a new concept for the Adster pie but she seemed willing to let her favorite older cousin take a bite.

He wasn't as excited at the prospect of her offer.


All in all she had a fabulous party! She got a lot of nice things (thanks to everyone for their generosity). Some of her favorites are her "Elmo buggy" (a beautiful baby stroller from GG & Bampa), her Dora tent from the Morfins, and her TMX Elmo from TuTu & Grandfather. Pictures of her playing with the toys soom!


Mr. & Mrs. Colbert said...

I can't believe Addy is two already! Time is going by so quickly. The party looked like a blast...I love the Elmo cake!

Tara Sasser said...

Glad I was able to be a part of the festivities on the web cam : )

She is growing up fast!

Kathy said...

The cake looks grand, and I can see that it tasted great too.

I am glad you guys had a blast.

My mom is going to part take of our birthdays coming up on skype, man you got to love the internet!

Bipin Sen said...

Happy birthday again, Addy! I hope you can look out for Priya when she joins you in the 2-4 year olds next week.

The Hruby's said...

I love the pictures!!!! I really wish I could have been there. I am really sad I couldn't make it. Michelle Addy is soo beautiful! You have two gorgeous children!! Well Tom and I send our love.....

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Happy Birthday again, Addy! Looks like a fun party!

Anonymous said...

Cómo es pathetic. Él comió como un ser humano grueso que el comería. Como una mitad libra de tocino cada mañana -- no incluyendo la salchicha y los huevos él comió.

Shannon said...
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