Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Adeline!

Well, I'm glad to say that the reason I haven't posted in so long is because we've been enjoying this warm weather as well as the festivities that surrounded our "baby" girl's second birthday!

Addy's birthday was last Friday. I spent the week before talking to her about birthdays and reading her a book about a birthday party in an attempt to prepare her. We woke her up singing Happy Birthday! and she was grinning. Then, we threw out the smoothies and oatmeal breakfast we normally have for chocolate chip Mickey Mouse pancakes with bacon on our "You are Special Today" plate!

I love Mickey Mouse almost as much as I love chocolate chip pancakes!

That night we went with my parents to a nearby restaurant called Tyler's Tender. The whole restaurant was a train theme and since Addy loves trains she was in heaven!!

They have a detailed Thomas the Train track with buildings and lights set up on one side of the restaurant. Both Adeline and John Michael were mesmerized!

Let me in!

They also have a little train you can ride for 50 cents. The ride is pretty short but Addy loved playing on it.

She wasn't nearly as crazy about John Michael getting on with her though.

But she quickly got over it!

But, the highlight of the restaurant was a child sized train that you could ride for $1. It only goes around three times but she didn't care! She loved sitting in the front car and pulling the bell.

choo choo!

The only downfall was that she had so much fun she had a hard time eating... so I fed her on the way home! Overall though it was a raging success. We'll look forward to going there again soon - and know to bring plenty of cash for the endless train ride requests!

Coming next, Addy's birthday party!


Bipin Sen said...

Happy birthday, not so little girl! It's amazing that two years have gone by already.

Laura said...


What a fun and memorable birthday for little Addy!

Tara Sasser said...

Sounds like the Hamstra household will soon be getting their own train!

Trill said...

Happy Birthday Addy!

Kathy said...


Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Happy happy Birthday Baby girl! Looks like fun!
Yes, I got the pics from the dedication ~ thank you! You will soon see them on my blog. :) Did the ones of him that you took after church not turn out? They weren't on the cd. :)

Mr. & Mrs. Colbert said...

You are such a thoughtful, creative Mom...you remind me a lot of my Mom. She would have read me a book about birthdays to prepare me...and I know that my Mom has that same "You are special today" plate. I love the cute Mickey Mouse pancakes.