Monday, January 08, 2007

The World's Longest Christmas....

Well, here I am STILL posting about Christmas... but I already uploaded the pictures so I feel obligated. :)

John Michael got a walker for Christmas. Turns out it was a hit for both kids. This is what Johnny saw when he walked into the living room the day after Christmas.

Needless to say the kiddies were spoiled silly. I'm sure mine were the only ones... right?? Here are some pictures of John Michael "opening" his gifts.

twins. :)

wiped out!

Apparently I didn't upload any of Addy opening any more gifts but she did great! She couldn't quite figure out why she had to open one after the other without getting a chance to play with them. It was pretty funny.

Wearing her new hat.

Our holiday season is non-stop from Christmas Eve "Eve" until New Year's! Smashed in between we have THREE birthdays! Grandfather's, Bethany's and Beth's. Pretty impressive if you ask me! To make Beth's birthday special DD had a group meet in North Chicago at Uncle Julio's Hacienda (the place they ate at after he proposed). It was a lot of fun. I'm really glad we got a chance to go!

John Michael is still in that cute stage where he holds his feet and thinks they are a toy. I think I remember Anna Kate being able to eat her toes she was so flexible!! My kiddos aren't so limber but they still enjoy their feet. :)

Oddly, I haven't taken many pictures lately! Probably because I STILL feel like we're recovering from the holidays. Addy has a new room upstairs and the kiddos have a "new ride" (stroller) thanks to their Tia Tara and Uncle Adam!! I'll be posting pictures soon!!


Tara Sasser said...

You look like your half mexican in the pictures from Uncle Julio's! Nice to you and Johnny on the blog too : )

Trill said...

Are those teeth?!? JM has developed quickly hasn't he? Wow!

Michelle said...

Next to the whities I show my true colors!!

Trill - heck no! He doesn't even have a SIGN of a tooth. I think that's a glare. :) My kids aren't fast developers - just fast growers! Addy almost made it an entire year without tooth!

Trill said...

That's so weird! That last picture looks just like a tooth. How funny! Oh- I looked a little closer and realized it's a shiny white glare on his tongue!!! How funny! It looks just like a tooth.

Trill said...

I hadn't read Tara's comment just yours and kept looking back at your blog for underwear. I kept thinking "next to the whities?; I show my true colors? Does she forget to do laundry? What is she talking about?" Then I read her comment- click in my brain- "Oh the white people!." I think this is what having a baby does to your brain.

Bipin Sen said...

everytime i see your pictures, i think.. we need a new camera. they turn out really sharp (as in the technical rendering of the word, not the colloquial expression).

i'm a little bummed because our canon camcorder has just started to act flaky. the recording is showing horizontal stripes through it. i'm hoping it's just dirty heads. a head cleaner is on it's way through ebay.

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

That pic of JM in the sling with his hood up looks so much like Addy! funny. :)
Looks like fun and sounds like you dont have much time to get bored!