Wednesday, May 31, 2006

hammin' it up

As you can see Addy still likes posing for the camera. Luckily her camera smile isn't quite as awkward as it once was!
She definitely likes her sunglasses. Especially if I have mine on and we're going outside. With the exception of Sunday at church the longest she'll leave them on for is about 45 seconds. Sunday, however, she left on her sunglasses and her head "kerchief" for almost 20 minutes! I'll post a picture soon - I think Beth got one.

Hey fam, does this table look familiar? This was mine and my sister's when we were little. Its held together well and she thinks she's such a big girl sitting at it! Unfortunately she also figured out that she can maneuver those little chairs around to climb up and reach things she shouldn't be touching!!

This picture cracks me up. Its me sending an e-mail to my parents and Addy is fascinated that there are pictures of her on the screen. Ever since she discovered that most of the time mommy has the computer open there are pictures of her (either because I'm uploading them or its on my desktop) she wants to run right over to ooh and ahh and that pretty little girl. What a stinker!


Melanie said...

So cute! I love her in those sunglasses. Maybe she should see how cute she looks in them so she'll want to wear them all the time.

Check my blog to see the picture I'm putting up of Ben. It's so funny!

Kathy Swart said...

The pic of her pointing at herself is so cute. Connor loves to sit and watch "home videos" of himself.