Thursday, October 27, 2005

Happy Fall Ya'll

I must admit... I stole that phrase from a dear friend (thanks Candi.) I thought you'd enjoy these pictures of Addy enjoying fall. Now that she has started eating real food she wants to chomp down on anything, including leaves!

She is almost crawling. She raised herself into a sitting position from her belly and has started saying "dada." We aren't sure if she knows what it means but we'll let Johnny think she does!

Our annual women's conference ended tonight and it was phenomenal. The Lord really spoke to us through his word and Donna & Samantha's sharing. So many women did so much work and the end result was a well run, creative, fun and most importantly we met with the Lord and were changed by His word. I have many personal applications for my own life (please ask me about them!) as did everyone I spoke with afterwards.


Bipin Sen said...

nice job with the pictures, michelle. you have a pretty good eye. develop that talent!

ok. so what did you learn? :-)

Anonymous said...

I love those pictures of Addy! The women's conference was a lot of fun!


sam said...

michlle i had such a good time this weekend, it was so awesome. good job with everything!

Michelle said...

Bipin, I learned how proud I am! I learned that the Lord wants me to grow in my love for people and my passion for His glory above my own. My natural tendency is to want to err my opinion and "prove my point". I'm so grateful He is a gracious God and willing to change us. I'm looking forward to a post about seeing Him change my heart!

Bipin Sen said...

hehe.. michelle, i so wanna tease you on grammar and spelling. where did i just read you pointing that out for someone?

until you write the post about your changed heart, remind me not to a) ask for your opinion, or b) debate a point with you.


Anonymous said...

Great pics Michelle.
Bit please give that girl something to eat besides leaves!

Kristie said...

Cute pictures! A mom of 4 boys must ask though: how do you get those tights on?!?

Tara Worthington said...

She gets cuter every day! I can not wait to visit you guys this weekend! The conference had to be a sucess, I know your worked hard at it.

Michelle said...

Bipin, my spelling usually isn't too bad but my grammar is atrocious. Thanks for helping me to avoid dealing with my heart by refraining from asking my opinion... hehe

Kristie, AS FAST AS I CAN!!