Monday, April 20, 2009

A Boy & His B

For those of you who live far away... allow me to introduce you to our 4th child... John Michael's blanket. :) He has affectionately nicknamed it, "B" which is cute because his Uncle DD also had a "B" and one day, before John Michael could really talk much DD asked us if John Michael called his blanket his "B"? I kind of rolled my eyes like, "No, why would he call it the same thing you called it? That seems weird." Not a week later John Michael started calling it his "B." I was officially humbled. :)

The original blanket came from my sister's mother-in-law. Its a super nice "Kashwear" blanket that he was immediately in love with. My sister got him a back-up blanket and also picked him up a knock off one he loves. He is rarely seen without it.

Its his best friend. You should see his face light up when we get it out of the dryer. He even asks us to "tuck it in."

Its hard to imagine that one day he'll be "over" it... but until then they're pretty much connected at the hip. :)


amy maples said...

I had a "b", too!!!!

Michelle said...

Must be a "Leep" thing. :)

Bipin Sen said...

I never had anything that I remember being attached to... Maybe to my loss.. We did spend a week at the grandparents without Priya's kitty and blankie. She was pretty magnanimous about it. In her words, "It's ok - I'm on vacation."

Samantha said...

thats hilarious cause when he got to my house today he excitedly ran up to the house and said "i brought my B!"

Trillia said...

Weston is only attached to his paci. I couldn't get him to love on anything else. That's funny though DD and Amy had "b's"!