Saturday, October 04, 2008


Our last day and a half in the hospital with Nicholas was pretty fast. As soon as we started asking people to pray for Nicholas's breathing and test results he made rapid improvements. He was taken off his oxygen hood the next morning and was off his IV the morning after that. We were able to take him home that afternoon!

Because we were far away from everyone and we weren't allowed to bring visitors in to see Nicholas we asked that only family come to the hospital. It seemed silly for someone to drive all that way to sit in a room and wait with us.

My brother, his girlfriend, Michelle, my sister, Adam, DD & Beth were all able to see Nicholas before the drama started though! I don't have pictures of everyone there because some of them were taken with my mom's camera but I"ll get them eventually.

Jason & Michelle drove hours to get here to see the little guy and Tara & Adam left early in the morning and travelled through gas rationing to make the 12 hour trip. I'm so glad they got here in time to see him before he went to the nursery. I know I couldn't have prevented it but I would've felt terrible if they hadn't gotten to hold him at all... especially after my sister FLEW out here for my cancelled induction a couple of weeks ago!

*These pictures are from before he went into the nursery.

I didn't manage to get a picture of both of Johnny's parents there - probably because they were helping out with Adeline & John Michael!

Hmmm... not sure this is what I expected.

My boy.

My midwife, Julie.

Right after delivery (and multiple passings out... details later)

Not happy to join the world.

swollen newborn shot

Johnny bringing Nicholas to get weighed, etc.

Immediately following delivery. *warning - there's a picture coming up where Nicholas is still "slimy."... if youre weak stomached you might want to skip it.

I somehow managed to convince the nurses to let my sister come in for a quick snuggle before she had to drive home.

Our view from the room (Chicago skyline). These flowers are from my TN gals "E.L.E.N.A." Thanks girls!!

Visiting Sir Nicholas in his quarters.

Watching him turn yellow.

Tia Tara & Adeline. (She loves Tia Tara & Uncle "Adam-Pie!")

More soon.. he's changing so much already! Here's a sneak peak at what he looks like this afternon. I'll post more soon. :)

Check out that nose!

He's my little cutie.


Tara Sasser said...

I like Sir Nicholas!

His color looks much better, maybe he just looks good in Chicago Blue.

Kathy said...

Mich he is so cute, quite alert after all he has been through. Amy also commented and how good you looked and I agree with her!

Miss u guys

CJ, Lori, and Princess Triniti said...

What a doll! And check out that hair! You truly look fabulous Michelle. I look forward to seeing you guys soon. God bless!

becs said...

Congrats Hamstra Family! We are so happy for you guys. I think you finally got one that looks more like you Michelle! Can't wait to meet the little guy!

Joslynn said...

So cute. I'm so glad I get to be apart of his life!