Thursday, September 20, 2007

My little man

John Michael is growing like a weed. Besides being quite the lug he's doing a number of new things. He's beginning to stand on his own but he hasn't quite figured out the stepping part of the process. He likes to stand up and throw himself toward what he wants to go. Its really pretty amusing.

He's also using some of his signs more. He regularly uses all done and has added thank you and on occasion he'll even say please. Its really sweet.... and he loves giving kisses! When people leave he automatically leans in and opens up for a slobbery open mouthed kiss.

And his crawling is OUT OF CONTROL! You can't help but giggle when you see him travel from one spot to the next because he's so speedy! He rarely goes slowly from one spot to the next. Instead he practically runs, but on his hands and knees.

And finally he's started mooing! I loved it when Addy began making animal noises and now John Michael is too. Its so sweet to me! He doesn't get the "oooo" part but he'll say, "Mmmmm" and smile. I'm actually surprised he didn't start with a doggy bark, they are by far his favorite. Every time we see a dog he jumps up and down and beelines it toward the doggy.

But sadly, we've also discovered one more thing about John Michael. He's also allergic to mosquito bites! He got a bite near his eye last week and this is how he woke up.

"Mommy, I can't see!"

Poor little man

My little swollen boy.

The saddest part is that it got worse! I don't have pictures on my computer of it though - just on my phone. But, you can imagine!

One a prettier note, here are the rest of the pictures of those adorable girls I took a few weeks ago:

and a couple of the little girl their mommy babysits for:


Aimee said...

Poor John Michael! His eye looks just horrible. The mosquitoes are just awful this year too!

I need you to come to my house and take some pictures of my kids! :) Those pictures of Grace and Jane are just too sweet! Great job!

Kathy said...

Poor little guy, Connor was so worried. I am glad he is better.

And he sounds like such a boy, doing everything at lightning speed and never sitting still. How fun.

LOVE the pics, Vi's house is a really great place for to remember that

Trillia said...

I can't believe his little eye does that too!

Again- just beautiful pics!!

ChicagoGal said...

wow. wow. wow. What great pictures Michelle!!!

Sounds like our hubbies know each other. Boz (dave) ran into Johnny the other day. Small world. I'm not surprised though. Boz knows everyone!


Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Too bad about your kiddie's allergy! I wonder if there is anything you can do about that? I feel so bad for them, especially since mosquitos are likely something they will have to deal with the rest of their lives!
Great pics too!

Tim and Clair said...

Thanks for the compliment on me not looking pregnant! I'm ready to start showing though and do have a little belly (I keep saying the rolls just joined together!!) Anyhoo, I'm still wearing some non-maternity clothes as I a) refuse to give up my varied wardrobe b) don't want to buy new clothes just to wear for a few months! Today it's not just the rubber band trick, it's the two rubber band trick but at 5 months pregnant I'm in non-maternity pants!!!!
The pics are great - you and Tim should set up business!!! Actually I was wondering what kind of camera you have?

Bipin Sen said...

Excellent pics, as usual! By the way, I think you may have never gotten the email I sent to your SBC account a while back re. the pregnancy pics. Am I right?

And no - no oil in Armaan's hair yet. I think I will wait till he's about 5- or 6-months old. No reason, really. Just an arbitrary start date on my side.

Alison said...

Sorry about the allergy! Poor little guy. When we turn the computer on now, Spence climbs up and begs to see Addy, John and Michael. As far as John Michael's speed goes, you forgot to mention the thunder sound he makes when he crawls. I couldn't believe how loud it was!

lillian said...

Hey Michelle!
I love the pics you got of those sweet!
What camera and lens do you use.
And what effect do you use to make the outer edge dark like that??
Do you use a certain program to doc up the pics?
love lil
It was great seeing ya a few eweeks ago!
I hope you are feelin a little better