Sunday, November 27, 2005

oink oink

Though I recognize that many of you have voted for more pictures of Johnny & I we are still without a digital camera... but we are ordering one this week! I'm really looking forward to having a nice new camera, especially with the new baby coming!

As you can see in these pictures Addy is definitely a porker. Eating has become her favorite pastime. On Thanksgiving she had homemade applesauce (with sugar!!) and mashed potatoes for the first time. Of course she loved both of them. She loved the applesauce so much she groaned in delight while lunging for more and when she was eating the mashed potatoes she screamed her head off until her cousins gave her more (thanks Lindsey, Ashley and Shannon!)

Monday is my first prenatal appointment. I am returning to the doctor I had with Addy. However, she is pregnant and will be on maternity leave when we deliver AND we are switching to an insurance company that doesn't cover her... So, we're going to get an early check up and ultrasound before hunting for a new doctor. The good news is that the new insurance company will only charge us $10 from start to finish!

This weekend we had a great time with family. It was so nice catching up with my side of the family and having Jason in town. Saturday night Johnny & I went downtown with DD, Beth, Josh & Michelle on one really big date. :) We went to the infamous H&M and took a carriage ride with steaming cubs of Starbucks.

I put up a new poll... check it out and make your vote accordingly (only one vote per visit Dave!!)


Tara Worthington said...

Addy is not the only one excited about the new baby! Tara gets to be an Aunt again!!!

swart said...

hey, what do you mean? only one vote? that's boring?

Bipin Sen said...

steaming cubs of starbucks? sounds... tasty?

priya had a lot of fun trying out different foods this thanksgiving too! she made a face at mashed potatoes, but loved sweet potatoes. she didn't get to eat too much of her party food. in fact, she was so bored with the people around that she slept through most of the event. what a spoiled little girl.

thanks for being there though! :-)

Anonymous said...

cute pics!

krista sagraves said...

I'm so excited you are pregnant!!! Your Blog is so cute.