Friday, March 05, 2010

Things that make you go... yes.

There are times that I think... what in the world was I thinking having my kids so close together? This is nuts!
Then there are times... 
when I overhear Addy teaching John Michael how to add.
when I see John Michael giving Nicholas his "B" to comfort him.
when I listen to the kids on the monitor laughing and being silly with each other when they're supposed to be sleeping.
when I see Addy pushing John Michael in a laundry basket... laughing.
when I walk into the room and see them cuddled up together on the couch looking through photo albums.
And I think... yes. I'm so glad we "clustered" our children. I'm so glad they are each other's best friends. I'm so glad they keep me busy and exhausted and confused and exhilarated and proud and amused.
I hope these are the moments I remember forever.
JM Basket web

a and jm photo album web


sam said...

i'm thankful me, larry, and adam are close. you did the right thing :)

Trillia said...

We tried to have ours close but God had different plans. They are such sweet blessings any way they come aren't they!?! I can't believe how big JM is. He looks like a little man.