Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My First Baby

Two weeks ago I had a baby.

Five years ago I had my first.

First of all, may I just say: Coupling post-partum hormones with your first baby's fifth birthday is *not* a good combination.  As if I'm not emotional enough! Then, to top it all off, one of the first things she says to me this morning is, "Mommy, since I'm five now do I still have to call you Mommy?" As my tears welled up in my eyes at the mere thought of her calling me "Mom" vs. "Mommy," I tried to play it off... "Well, what do you think you'd call me instead? Michelle?"   "No." she replied... and left it at that.  Whew.

My precious, beautiful, precocious little girl turned five years old today.  Her life is passing before my eyes. 

Addy is five 7 web

Thanks to our friends in the church I have not had to make many meals since Greyson joined our crew.... which meant that Addy and I had time today to make her a birthday cake. It was a simple recipe from the infamous Pioneer Woman and I think just making the cake made her birthday wonderful. She loves to help cook - much more than she loves to help clean. :)  But, to top it off she also got to pick out her breakfast and go to Tyler's Tender for lunch.  She rode the train, played video games, ate her favorite lunch (grilled cheese and apple sauce) and had an ice cream sunday brought out to her on a train while the staff sang Happy Birthday to her.  She commented throughout the day, "Isn't this the most wonderful day ever?" 

Well, I ruined that for her pretty quickly by forcing her to take a few pictures for me to commemorate the day. :) But, she jumped right back into "great day mode" by jumping on the trampoline with Johnny & John Michael and inviting guests over to share her cake.  

She loves guests.  I pray that this love for guests turns into a love for hospitality.  :)

Adeline loves to read.

Adeline loves to read the Bible.

Her best friends are John Michael and Faith.

She's bossy.

She's smart.

She has a memory that impresses me.

She loves to argue.

She loves to eat.

She loves to eat sugar.

She has a quirky little accent thats a mix between British and Region.

She loves to sleep in our bed... and gets to do so regularly.

Her favorite color is pink.

She still loves her Lucy.

She's our only girl.... and the joy of our home. 

We thank God for her every chance we get.

Our girl.

Addy is five 14 web

So, I hope the gazillion pictures I'm posting don't bore you. I simply couldn't narrow it down. And why should I? 

Addy is five 15 webAddy is five 16 web


Addy is five 11 bw web

Addy%20is%20five%204%20webAddy is five 3 webAddy is 5 1 web

Addy is five 8 web

Addy is five 9 web


I like this picture because even though she looks girly in most of these pictures she LOVES to get dirty. :)

Addy is five 10 web

This picture makes me smile. She's really so silly.

Addy is five 13 web

And this is SO her.

Addy is five 5 webAddy is five 6 web

Addy is five 13 web

She has her Daddy's lashes.

Addy is five lashes web

Addy is five 12 web

And of course, eating her cake. :)

Adeline Birthday Cake 2 webaddy%20cake%201%20web


CJ, Lori, and Princess Triniti said...

You have yourself a beautiful young "first baby" (but of course you didn't need me to tell you that). Happy Birthday Adeline!

Trillia said...

So sweet!! I love it Michelle! I love how you express yourself and I love that she gets to sleep with you guys. These days are just so few. Love you, Trill

Tara Sasser said...

She is such a sweet girl and oh so smart! You have raised her to have such a beautiful personality. Can't wait to celebrate her birthday soon!