Monday, March 29, 2010

Greyson. Day 19.

To put it simply, I have never had a newborn who has been this awake!
Addy, John Michael & Nicholas all shared a love for sleep. When they were newborns I had to wake them up to eat. I would literally have to take all their clothes off, rub them down with cool wash cloths, blow on their damp bodies and still... they would snooze on.
Greyson is totally different.
The kid doesn't sleep.
Okay, that's probably an exaggeration but he doesn't sleep nearly as much as my first three babies did! He's a happy little guy - as long as he's being held or paid attention to - but he doesn't want to miss a thing! And wake him up to eat? Psh! He wouldn't miss a meal if his life depended on it. Or a snack. Or a midnight snack. Or a second middle of the night snack. :) I joke around that I was determined to enjoy every minute of every day with this little guy because this is our last baby... and he's just as determined to make me do so. "You want to enjoy every minute of every day with me? Then no sleep for you!"
And I'll concede. Because, tired as I am (and I am seriously tired), I haven't yet tired from looking at this adorable little man who has book ended our family.

Greyson. Day 19.
Greyson day 19 c web

Greyson day 19 bw web

Greyson day 19 d web

And I'd like to say thanks to my mom and dad for staying the weekend with us. I got to sleep in, take a break from domestic responsibilities and even go to church with just Greyson for a little while on Sunday - and then have lunch with friends afterwards. Thanks Mom & Dad. You've helped make this transition so much easier.


Mary said...

Ian was a very awake baby too. He was also very demanding. It is funny because the most demanding baby should be your everyone has told me...not your last. You just wonder what personality is crying to come out. Ian pulled a total 180 from infancy.
On a side note, Greyson is adorable.

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Hi Michelle,

He is so sweet! What a gift! I will pray for you and for rest. He sounds just like Abigail and Andrew as babies...very demanding but sweet when fed and held!!!