Saturday, September 20, 2008

my cute kiddos

Yes, I'm still pregnant. :)

My midwives had told me they would probably induce me the beginning to the middle of last week... but when I called on Monday to get more information on the timing of it all they gave me a different story! They said they didn't want to induce me after all.... Sadly, my sister had already bought a ticket to come out here to be with me... took off several days of work and ended up missing the birth altogether. I was definitely disappointed. HOWEVER, she had a great time with Addy & John Michael... but even though I told her to remind me to take pictures neither one of us thought of it! We pretty much just hung out at the house but the kids absolutely LOVED having her here.... probably because she has WAY more energy than I do these days and plays with them constantly. What a good aunt!

I thought I'd post these pictures I took of Addy & John Michael a few weeks ago. They were all taken in about 15-20 minutes total since my kids don't exactly LOVE to be photographed. Who does though, right? But even though a couple of these turned out blurry I absolutely love them. I think they will always be precious to me because they really capture their personalities (especially John Michael's pictures!).

I hope to do some more mini sessions with them. I can't believe how I've slacked in taking pictures of my own kids. Sometimes the thought of editing is so daunting that I quit before I even start! But, these pictures hardly needed any editing at all - just a little color/contrast boost and I was good to go!

I couldn't, however, narrow it down from color to black & white... so I'm just posting both. Hope its not too terribly annoying to load! Enjoy:

Those of you who know my children in person probably think this best resembles my little man... its the face he makes most often. :)

and one of him and Johnny that didn't turn out too well but I love it all the same. :)


Kathy said...

Nice Mich!!! Hope to see u soon this side of town, with baby in arms, not at the midwives office.

CJ, Lori, & Princess Triniti said... the pics! I especially like the first color pic of Addy in her fairy costume. And I love John Michael's makes him look so "grown up." :) I hope to hear some good news about baby #3 this week.

Anonymous said...

Man! I wished you lived here to take pics of my family. Adorable Kids. Now go have another!!!!

Krista Sagraves

Anonymous said...

I agree, your kids are so cute! Addy is beautiful! I personally like the pictures in color because they are so bold and beautiful, and both kids have such strikingly beautiful eyes!

P.S. I really enjoy reading your blogs. :)


Trillia said...

These are beautiful Michelle! Addy is growing up so much and looks so beautiful. This is going to sound funny (since JM is blonde and blue eyes, etc.) but he reminded of Weston in the pic with Johnny. I actually thought they looked a like for one second (literally- one second :) ). Have you had the baby?!?!?

JM is so cute by the way!!