Wednesday, May 30, 2007

we're back again!

This summer seems like its one thing after another! I don't mind it at all - its fun seeing people all the time... but its hard on the blogging!

Well this time we're back from New Attitude. It was awesome. We heard PHENOMENAL teaching, especially from Dr. John Piper. I came back freshly committed to being indebted to God's grace and allowing him to rid me of sin on a daily basis!

I would be remiss if I didn't thank our dear friend Adam for GRACIOUSLY serving us all weekend. While we were in the sessions he cared for John Michael faithfully, not complaining one time! Without him we could not have enjoyed it half as much. So THANKS ADAM (even though I don't think he reads our blog... hehe).

I ALSO came home envisioned to do some more creative things with my love of photography. So here's a sampling of what's to come!


Tara Sasser said...

Man, is that the new slow mojo you used on your camera? Lookin good : )

Adam and I can't wait to see you guys this weekend.

Bipin Sen said...

One day when you're rich and famous, and writing your autobiography, I hope you mention the friends that encouraged you on! :-)

sam said...

i love this pic so much...i put it as my backround on my computer. ya...i'm a geek?